It Was Exciting

I was apartment sitting a number of years ago... I did not yet have my own place. I was getting ready for bed when I realized I had not pulled the blinds shut or closed the curtains... or lowered the lights. The bedroom window faced the street and windows across the way... I realized that there was a man in one of them, the lights dim behind him... and he was watching me.... I paused for a moment and than thought, what the hell. It wasn't like I lived there, in two days I would be gone!

I gave him a long, slow show.
SabrinaNYC SabrinaNYC
26-30, F
9 Responses Jul 26, 2010

Great story! I bet it was a lot of fun. But DAMN there are a lot of creepers on this site

Way to go, I know you made someone's day

Would make a much nicer story with more naughty details.

The next time you visit invite me over and we'll give him a total show! Bill in Va.

Nice, I wish I was the voyeur...

More details please!! I didn't see the show but if you describe it for me (very slooowwwlyy) I will use my imagination. :)

I hope that you enjoyed it.

I don't think so, ilikesluts, I never heard her mention getting off on giving shows and I knew her pretty well. I think he saw me and realized I just had forgotten!

LOL! She probably did! Who knows?