Another Beach Adventure

 I had another great exhibitionist adventure at the beach just the other day. I live along the Gulf Coast but not close to the oil spill. With it being in the middle of the summer, all the young college and high school girls are out of school and at the beach most every day. I am retired and can go to the beach as often as I like and when there are young girls there, I Like. My usual attire is a short, loose fitting around the legs, swim suit with the underwear cut out of them. I also wear a matching cutoff tank top, ball cap and mirrored wraparound sunglasses. The swim suit was short enough that when I positioned my legs just so my **** and balls would accidently, of course, fall out into view of whatever young beauty, or beauties, I was trying to expose myself to. I am always amazed at how many young girls show up at the beach, during the work week, without any male escorts. And the beauty of being retired is that I can enjoy the beach whenever I want and I want when the most bikini clad young beauties are there. For some reason it seems to be Tuesdays and Wednesdays they like the most and, much to my liking, I am usually the only male in sight. I have exposed my to many young women on the beach and, much to my pleasure, have yet to have any of them voice any objections.
Anyway, just this past Tuesday I showed up at around 11am and there were already quite a few young babes scattered about the beach. None of the beach areas around here are topless or nude, but on Tuesdays and Wednesdays there seems to be almost no beach patrol or young children so a lot of the girls sneak a little topless and bottomless time with helpful girlfriends keeping an eye out for the patrol. So I guess that answers my question as to why the young women like Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I set up my beach chair that sits only about 4 inches off the sand and has a reclining back close to two very attractive young women. The chair is the perfect angle for shifting my legs and letting my entire package become visible to anyone within about a 30 degree area in front of me. I setup with the two very attractive young girls about 10 feet in front of me toward the water. As I had approached them I noticed they were both topless and the one on her back got the alert from her friend and quickly turned over onto her stomach. I asked if they would mind if I setup just behind them and they said they didn’t mind at all if I didn’t mind them being topless. I said as beautiful as they both were it would be my pleasure.
I had also brought a cooler along with good mixed drinks, beer, sodas, and water as an ice breaker to start a conversation. I’ve never had any young women on the beach turn down a drink. Since I’m in my sixties, most of the young women view me as a harmless nice older man, even though I am still in pretty good shape and most people tell me I look closer to my late 40s or early 50s than 60s. As soon as I got everything setup and sat down I peeled off my tank top and asked the girls if they would like anything to drink. They asked what I had and I ran down the menu. They both said they would love a margarita. They were both on their stomachs facing me and I thought it was time to give them a little peek. I am pretty well endowed and when I turned to the left to reach for the cooler I spread my legs and I felt my whole package fall out of my swim suit onto the beach chair. I acted as if I had no idea what had happened as I heard both girls give a little gasp. Like I said, I am pretty well endowed. At a semi-hardon my **** is about 6 inches long and about 2 inches across. I am circumcised and my cockhead is really fat, even when not fully erect. Fully erect I’m a little over 8 inches and about 2 ½ inches across. My cockhead is almost 3 inches across and my balls are very fat too. I also keep my whole package completely clean shaven. I think pubic hair looks really dirty.
When I glanced back at the girls they quickly looked up from my crotch and I asked them if everything was OK?  One of them said they thought they saw a bug, but it was OK. I went back to the cooler to give them ample time to get a real eye full. Knowing that they were both looking at my **** and ball was getting me aroused. When I got our drinks I turned back to them and their glances had turned to stares and with them really giving my package their full attention it was all I could do to control my growing arousal. I told them I would bring them their drinks so they didn’t have to put their tops on and as they looked up from my swollen package one of them said there was no one around so they could come and get them. They both jumped up, topless, and walked up to me. As I handed them their drinks they introduced themselves. The blonde said her name was Tommie and the redhead said she was Marylou. I introduced myself and told them how gorgeous they were and how brave they were going topless on this beach. They said they did it all the time and had been given a few warnings but nothing more. I told them how beautiful their young bodies looked topless and in their thong bottoms and even an older man like myself had a hard (no pun intended) time controlling myself. They both looked down at the same time at my now completely hard and very swollen **** and balls and Tommie said,
“We can see that. Marylou and I noticed when you were getting our drinks that your whole package had come out of your shorts and we really like what we are seeing.”
I acted very surprised and started apologizing as I tried in vain to get everything back in my swimmers. Marylou said,
“You’re never going to get that thing back in your shorts with it all swollen like that and someone may come along and you could get in lots of trouble. Tommie, this is entirely our fault. This nice man just wanted to spend a relaxing day at the beach and we flashed him our naked bodies and got him all aroused. Don’t you think, since this is our fault that he is in this condition, we should take care of his problem for him so he can get himself back into his shorts properly?” Tommie said,
“Marylou, you are absolutely right. Look what we have done to this poor man. Please Sir, would you allow Marylou and me to see if we can’t help you with this problem? After all it is our fault and we can’t, in all good conscience as respectable southern girls, leave you in this condition to fend for yourself. And I think I can speak for Marylou too when I say that I would be only too happy if you would let us try to help you, Please?”
Well! My intention was just to come down to the beach, enjoy the surf, sun, and sand and get in some casual exposure time with some young college and high school girls, but this was quickly turning into a dream *** true. I told them they were right, that there was no way I could get my swollen manhood back in my shorts without relieving the current extremely excited condition I was obviously in and any help they wanted to give me would be more than appreciated. Still topless, they grabbed their towels and moved up and sat on either side of me. Marylou suggested that they should remove my swimmers so I didn’t make a mess all over them. Tommie said they both had baby oil with them and could use some on my **** for lubrication as she and Marylou slid my shorts off. Marylou said,
“Tommie, look how he keeps himself all clean shaven down there. I just love that. It looks so clean. You know guys always want us to go down on them and they have all that nasty pubic hair that gets in our mouths. This is beautiful and I will tell you, I wouldn’t mind putting my mouth anywhere on this package.”
Tommie said she agreed, but since they had just met me and didn’t know me that well, that a good old fashion ******* should do the trick. I told them that any help they could give me would be greatly appreciated and I would be forever in their debt. With that, four very soft young hands were all over my **** and balls. I asked them if they would mind letting a dirty old man’s dreams come true and let me fondle their young **** and *****. Marylou quickly nodded yes as Tommie said she thought I’d never ask. Marylou told me to keep a lookout for anyone coming so she and Tommie could concentrate on taking care of me. I told them I would, but I was pretty sure the only one that was going to be cuming around here was me. We all giggled at my pun as the girls put some baby oil on my very swollen **** and started stroking it. They each had a hand wrapped around my **** and were stroking it together while each of their other hands were fondling my balls. I had my right hand on Marylou’s gorgeous *** and had slipped my fingers under her thong and was alternately fingering her ***** and ******* while I was gently fondling Tommie’s young supple ****. I could tell both their breathing was becoming very shallow and quick and by the way they were staring at my package they were really enjoying what they were doing to me.
In no time at all, with their soft young hands sliding up and down the length of my **** and squeezing my balls, I felt that all too familiar tickling in my cockhead that told me I couldn’t last much longer. I had shifted my left hand down to Tommie’s *** and ***** and she and Marylou were squirming like crazy, on my hands, as they worked my **** and balls. I told the girls that I was going to *** and Tommie moved her **** into the line of fire, next to my very fat cockhead, and Marylou quickly followed suit. With their soft young cone shaped **** nestled against my cockhead, as they stroked my ****, I exploded like I was cuming for the first time all over again. The sight of my *** squirting all over their soft young **** must have sent them over the edge too as we all moaned together and I felt their young juices flowing into my hands as in fingered the sweet ******* and clits. They kept stroking my **** all over their **** and I kept playing with their *******, long after we all stopped cuming, until we could stand it anymore and we all collapsed in a total state of satisfaction.
They said they came to this beach on the same day every week and would love it if I was here again next week. I told them wild horses couldn’t keep me away, but two young girls like them could end up killing and old man like me. Marylou said,
“Bullshit! You could probably wear both of us out and be begging for more. Tommie, I don’t know about you, but I have never had anyone get me off that hard before. I’ve had sex with several boys that even went down on me and I have never had an ****** that intense in my whole life.”
Tommie agreed and said it was amazing. I told them that gorgeous sexy young women like them are what keeps me feeling young. We enjoyed a few more hour of sun, laughs, and drinks before saying goodbye. I can’t wait until next week and what new fun awaits us.
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You must live in some fantasy land that I have never heard about