Car Jacking Again

 I totally live to expose myself. They are the best ******* I’ve ever had. I’ve been married and dated lots of gorgeous women and had great sex with all of them, but to this day I have never *** as good as I do when an unsuspecting woman catches me in my car naked and jacking off my swollen ****. If they watch long enough to see me ********* that is the icing on the cake, or icing all over myself, as it is in most cases.
With all the cell phones out there it has become really dangerous to expose myself that way so I look for young women hitch-hiking. I’m always naked and usually just cover myself with my shorts and leave the side of my *** exposed so if the woman looks she will know that I am really naked. My **** is always as hard as a rock an making a huge and very obvious tent in my shorts. After they get in I start playing with my **** under my shorts. They almost always notice what I’m doing, however some of them have just ignored me and rode quietly and let me *** right into my shorts and pretended like it didn’t happen. I could always tell that they were secretly stealing glances and really liked that I was jacking off with them in the car. Some of them get really nervous and want me to let them out and tell me I’m a dirty old pervert, which of course they are right. Others, after some reassuring that I mean them no harm and would happily give them a ride to where ever they wanted to go, agree to stay in the car and let me remove my shorts and watch me *******.
Just last week I picked up a really hot looking young woman that was wearing a very see-through tank top, obviously without a bra and a pair of the hottest short shorts I have ever seen. As I pulled up behind her she was walking down the street facing away with her arm out and her thumb up. Her shorts were so short that it exposed about 2 inches of her *** cheeks and so narrow, top to bottom, that they showed about an inch of the top of her butt crack. I stopped beside her and she turned to face me and I could see a perfect camel toe formed in her shorts over what I could only imagine was a very gorgeous kitty. She leaned down into my open window and said she was going all the way across town, but would gladly take a ride as far as I was going. I told her I didn’t have anywhere to be so I would be more than happy to take her where ever she wanted to go. As I was tell her that she was looking at the side of my naked *** and I knew she knew what I was all about. She said she would really appreciate it and jumped in.
As we started down the street she turned to me and said,
“I know that you are really naked under those shorts. I’m also pretty sure that you were ******* off just before you picked me up. Listen, I really don’t need a ride anywhere, I just like to get picked up by guys and hopefully get to watch them jerkoff. Believe me when I tell you that you are not alone in your sexual perversion. At least 1 out of every 3 men, that I catch a ride with, expose themselves to me and I just like to hitch hike around trying to find them. Most men are more comfortable in their own car, than out in public, so I like to hitch hike around and let them do it. I am totally obsessed with watching men jerkoff and seeing them *********** all over themselves so if you would like to do that I would love to watch you.”
I took my shorts off myself, grabbed a small bottle of lube, put some on my cockhead, wrapped my hand around it, and started stroking it nice and slow. She said,
“You have a very nice looking **** and really fat balls. How big is your ****?”
I told her it was about 8 inches and she said,
“Well, I can tell you that it looks bigger than that. It may be because it’s so big around. You have a gorgeous cockhead too and I love it when a man is circumcised. If I get in a car with a man and he has to skin it back, I ask him to let me out right then. The few that I have gotten close enough to smelled like stale urine. I don’t think most uncut men clean themselves very well down there. You wouldn’t like to eat a woman’s smelly kitty, would you? Oh! I really love it that you keep yourself all clean shaven down there too and what are those bands around your **** and balls? I bet those bands are what’s making your **** and balls so fat, aren’t they? I sure hope you let me have your number. I would love to get together with you for some hot sex and would love to eat you up down there. For now though, I would just love it if we could just ride around and you let me watch you ******* that gorgeous **** of yours. I want to watch you squirt your *** all over yourself. You know, of all the men I have gotten rides with and had them expose themselves to me, you are the first man that has been completely naked. Most of them are just unzipped, or once I tell them it’s OK, just pull their pants down a little. I bet you get a lot of girls that like to get in with you, don’t you?”
She asked so many questions I didn’t know where to start. I told her I would love to exchange numbers and get together with her again. I told her I had, had more than a few young women get in my car with me and really love having them watch me beat off, but none of them were as knockout gorgeous as she was. I told her I liked to keep myself clean shaven because, as much as I jacked off in my car; it made it so much easier to clean up all the ***. I told her I even shaved my butt. I told her that I tried to rim every woman I dated, when I went down on them, and if they wanted to reciprocate I wanted my anus to be very clean for them. I told her the woman I was dating currently liked to put her finger up my anus while she performs oral sex on me and massage my prostate. I said it gave me great ******* but not as good as it was going to be with her watching me. I said there would not be a problem for her and I because that woman and I had a completely open relationship and were free to do whatever we wanted. I told her I used women’s ponytail bands for my cockrings because the provided very even and not too tight pressure and she was correct that that was what was making me swell up so much.
We had been riding around for about a half an hour, talking very provocatively, and she had told me to take as long as I wanted because she was enjoying the hell out of watching me stroke my fat ****. She had opened her legs and I could see a huge wet spot right in the crotch of her tight yellow shorts and asked me if I would mind if she put her hand down her shorts and fingered herself. Of course I was all for that and told her so. Her shorts looked so tight I didn’t think there was room for her hand, but as her hand disappeared down the front, I realized they were stretch material and that was why they formed around her beautiful butt and gorgeous kitty. She said,
“Give me a couple of minutes to catch up with you and then you can *** whenever you want too. I know your balls must be aching by now. You have given me the most fantastic show I have ever had and I want to do this again and again as often as you’ll let me. God you have such a gorgeous **** and I really love watching you jerk it off. Please tell me exactly when you are going to *** because I don’t want to miss a single drop.”
Her hand was working her kitty at light speed and she had turned to face me. She had pushed her tank top up and was playing with two of the most unbelievable pair of pert and proud 34c ****, with fantastic dark brown and hard nipples, I have ever seen. I was so turned on and my cockhead was tickling so much I didn’t think I could give that couple of minutes and told her so. She said,
“My kitty is on fire so please *** whenever you want. Oh! ****! I am cuming all over myself right now. I want to see you squirt, RIGHT NOW.”
That sent me over the edge and I just hoped I could keep from wrecking the car. I felt my stuff boiling up out of my balls as the tickling in my cockhead was almost unbearable and I said,
She was staring right at me as my stuff erupted out of my cockhead and was squirting all over my chest and stomach. Her mouth had dropped open and her eyes got as big as saucers as she watch what was the most **** I had put out in years. It was so much it even surprised me. She worked her dripping kitty the whole time I was cuming and I could tell she had had several ******* while she watch me squirting all over myself.
After I cleaned myself up she asked me if I would take her back to her car and asked if she could come home with me. I told her I couldn’t think of anything I would love more but did she know that I was probably old enough to be her grandfather. She said,
“Good then. I’ll call you Papa while I try to screw you to death.”
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I may be wrong, but I thought the whole idea of this web site was for true-life experiences