Summer Pool Fun

Some years ago, when I was working in a big city out west, I had a week off coming and just wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. There was a woman friend that I had met at an education seminar some years prior, who was a teacher at a small to mid-size rocky mountain city high school and said she would love for me to come for a visit. We had not seen each other since the convention, but talked on the phone and emailed all the time. We had never had physical sex, but had phone sex quite often. I had told her about my exhibitionist fetish and she was very comfortable with it. In fact she said clothing for me would be entirely optional while I was there. She said she had to work all week, finishing up stuff at the high school, but I could just hang out at her place or check out the town.
I arrived late Sunday evening and Susie had a nice dinner with wine and candle light waiting. We sat and chatted and laughed a lot. It was really fun to see her again. She blushed and asked if I would mind sleeping in the guest room. She said she was in a relationship and did not want to tempt herself. She said he was out of town on business for a few weeks so my visit would be our little secret. I told her that was not a problem and I was just happy to get to spend a little time with her and away from my work. She said if I wanted to, even though the high school pool was close for the summer but still maintained, I could come over and use it during the day. I told her I thought that would be great. Susie told me since it was closed I should have the pool to myself and gave me her pass key to get into that area.
Monday, around noon, I headed for the high school to enjoy a little relaxing sunning and swimming in the pool. I had brought a pair of very thin white bicycle riding shorts that I had cut the liner out of. I figured they would be good for hiking or just laying around, but would also work great as a swim suit. The only problem was when they got wet, except for the waist band and hem on the leg bands, they became completely transparent. I mean, if you didn’t see the waist bands and leg band hems, it looked like I was completely naked. Even when dry, they fit like they were painted on and left very little to the imagination. I wore a pair of baggy shorts over them with a tee-shirt, ball cap, mirrored sun glasses, and flip flops to get me to the pool. When I entered the pool area there were four young women lying on loungers in the sun at one side of the pool. Since that was the only area with loungers I headed for them. They looked me up and down as I approached them and one of the girls said hi and did I know the pool was closed. I said I did and I was friends with Susie and she said it would be OK. They said they knew her but she taught the sophomores and they had all just finished their junior year. One of the girls said they were on the girls volley ball team and her dad was the coach and they used his key to the pool. All of them were in bikinis and there hot, hard young bodies made my package start to stir. I tried to concentrate to keep from getting a total hard-on but could not fight back a respectable semi-hardon.
I was comfortable with them getting a good look at my manhood. I went to the first lounger past them and spread my beach towel out on it. I took off my tee shirt ball cap and flip flops and when I dropped my baggy shorts the young woman closest too me saw my perfectly outlined package and gave a little gasp. I still had on my sunglasses so I pretended to look away, as she quietly got the other girl’s attention, but I could still see their reactions out of the corner of my eye. I asked them if the water was nice and they all nodded that it was. I went down the steps at the shallow end and swam the length of the pool. As I came out of the pool I could feel that I now had a little more than a semi-hardon and try as I might I couldn’t control it knowing that these really cute young women were going to get a real eye full. As I walked toward them I pretended to look straight ahead but could see them, through my mirrored sunglasses, as they stared wide eyed and jaws dropped at my package through my now wet and completely transparent swim suit. As soon as I got stretched out on the lounger the two girls, farthest away, jumped up and came down to the two loungers on the other side of me. They started chit-chatting with me and I was sure when I turned to talk to the two of them the other two girls were getting an eye full of my now completely, uncontrollably,  rock hard shaft. I could tell these girls were really team players, because after a few minutes the other two would start talking to me so I would turn in their direction and their teammates could get really good looks too.
This went on for a while and as soon as I noticed my swimmers were drying out one of the girls must have too because she said she wanted to go in the water to cool off and asked if anyone wanted to join her. I was up and followed her cute young *** into the pool like a puppy dog. I knew she just wanted me to get my swim suit wet again and that thought made my manhood so hard it almost hurt. I am circumcised and my cockhead gets really fat and I keep my whole package completely shaved so I look really clean down there. The girls, like a good team, rotated inviting me into the pool, to keep my swim suit wet over the next couple of hours, until I said I should be getting back to Susie’s place to get a shower. One of the girls quickly said that the boy’s locker room was open and I could shower in there, if I didn’t want to drive all the way home with pool water all over me. They said there was shampoo and soap in there that I could use. I thanked them and headed for the locker room and noticed that there was a painter’s scaffold against the side wall. The walls were about 12 feet high with clear windows extending about a foot down from the ceiling, along the side, that if anyone were on the scaffold they would have a clear view of the entire locker room. I was so hoping these four young women would climb up there and make my dirty old pervert’s exhibitionist dream be complete.
When I came back out of the shower, with my rock hard shaft pointing the way, out of the corner of my eye, I saw just to top of four young women’s heads above their eyes, looking into the locker room at me. I was so turned on I knew I was going to have to let them see me jack myself off. I grabbed a few paper towels from the sink area to clean up the mess that I knew I was going to make and headed for the bench where I had left my stuff, close to where they were looking in the window. I sat on the bench with them looking at me from my right side, because I always do myself with my left hand and I knew this would afford them the best view. I pulled a small bottle of lube, which I almost always have with me, out of the pocket of my baggy shorts. I put a few drops on my now extremely swollen cockhead, wrapped my left hand around it, and slowly started sliding it up and down my 8 inch length. As I glanced quickly over at the girls, their whole heads were now completely up in the window with their eyes like saucers and their mouths wide open in surprise. Now with these young women getting an eye full and I was pretty sure enjoying it; I could only last a few minutes. As my ****** came crashing down on me my legs shot straight out on the floor, as I fondled my balls, and I started squirting my **** all over myself. I kept stroking my manhood for some time after I stopped cuming and really enjoyed bringing myself down slowly from my exhibitionist ****** high. As I started cleaning myself up I glanced over and saw the girls were gone. I finished cleaning up and got dressed and headed out of the locker room.
When I came out of the door the girls were all waiting on me and I thanked them so much for the suggestion of the shower. I told them it really felt good to get all the chlorine off my skin and out of my hair. One of the girls said, “I bet it did feel good.” and they all giggled like crazy. Knowing exactly what they were giggling about, I played stupid and asked them what was so funny. They said not to pay any attention to them that they were just being silly. They said they knew I had said I was only there for a week but they all really hoped I would come back to the pool again. I told them I had a very enjoyable time at the pool with them and if they were going to be there then I would definitely be back. They said they were there every day, at the same time, and would really love to see more of me. I knew it was just a play on words, but I thought they had pretty much already seen everything.
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3 Responses Jul 29, 2010

Yes! A willing audience is great and yes SabrinaGirl I did go back everyday and that story will be posted today. Thanks for the comments

I do so hope you went back and gave those young ladies a treat!

Wow! Great story. Nothing like jacking with young girls watching!