Summer Pool Fun Pt. 2

 When Susie got home that afternoon I was nude, as she had offered that I could be if I wanted to, and I got an instant hardon as soon as she walked in and saw me. I told her in very vivid details about what had happened to me at the pool that day and she was very interested. She kept asking me what the girls looked like to see if she knew them. I have never been very good at describing people so I wasn’t much help. She asked me if I would mind if she came by the pool the next day to see who they were. I told her I thought that would be great. She complimented me on how good my package looked and said she loved that I was circumcised and the way I kept myself all shaved down there. She said she wished she could talk her boyfriend into doing that too. She said she wished she wasn’t in a relationship because she would really love to feel my manhood inside her, but she had never cheated on anyone she was seriously dating and did not want to change that. Susie asked me if I would like to relieve the very obvious situation I had with my package before my balls turned blue. She said she would love to watch me like the girls had at the pool earlier. I told her I would really love that and we could pretend we were having phone sex, like we had so many times before, but this time she could see what I was doing in person. We had cam-chatted a few times, but it’s never as good as live. Susie never took her clothes off (I love the CFNM Scenario) but did slide her hand down her shorts and took care of herself while she watch me jack my swollen manhood off and **** all over myself.
The next day at the pool went pretty much the same as the day before. The four girls were there when I arrived and seemed very happy to see me. They said they were afraid I wasn’t going to come (giggles from all) and they really wanted to see more of me. They were so eager I decided to throw them a little curve ball and see how they reacted and I said,
“Girls, I am so embarrassed. When I got home yesterday, I looked in the mirror and saw how see-through my swim suit was, I felt really bad. I never meant to do that and I am so ashamed that you girls saw me like that. I’m sure it was even worse when I got wet. I can only imagine what you girls must think of me. I’m sure you all think I’m a dirty old pervert, but I never expected anyone to be here. Susie said I would probably have the pool to myself so I wore my most comfortable swimsuit. I also want to apologize for the fact that I couldn’t control my manhood. You girls are so gorgeous I just couldn’t control it. It sometimes has a mind of its own and overrides me. Today I’ll just keep my baggy shorts on and we can just have a nice visit and I can watch you girls swim.”
They were up off their loungers and all around me telling me that I hadn’t offended them in the least and would be very upset if I didn’t have on the same swim suit as yesterday and come in and enjoyed the water with them. They said they thought it looked very manly and that they had really enjoyed looking at me that way. They insisted that I take my baggy shorts and tee-shirt off and join them in the water right then. It was playing exactly as I hoped it would. I put them on the defensive and made them admit that they had enjoyed what they had seen and had taken more than just glancing looks. We all got in the water and splashed each other and laughed a lot and had fun. I stood up on the steps with my swim suit totally wet and asked the girls if they were sure it was OK, or did I need to put my baggy shorts back on. They asked me to turn around and they all took a nice long look at my backside and told me to forget the baggy shorts idea. They said I was just fine in my swim suit and they didn’t want to hear anymore about it. I said, “Yes Ladies.” Just then Susie came into the pool area and I got out of the pool to greet her. I could tell as we approached each other, by the wide eyed look on her face that she was surprised at how see-through my swim suit was. We hugged and she whispered in my ear,
“My God, you look like you are totally naked. I know you said they were see-through but I didn’t expect that.” She broke our hug and turned to the girls and said, “Hey Ladies, this man is one of my dearest friends so I want you to treat him nicely. Don’t play any tricks on him either. He is an older gentleman and doesn’t know how mean young girls can be sometimes. Be nice to him for me, OK?”
The girls were all insisting that they had been nice to me and I confirmed it. They said they had really enjoyed me being there a lot. They said I didn’t act like all the boys they were used to, but treated them with respect and talked to them like they were women and not just stupid little girls, like most men did. I thanked the girls for that and Susie said she would go and leave me in their hands. Man, being in their hands sounded like fun to me.
Anyway, except for that few minutes on Tuesday, that day, Wednesday and Thursday went the same as Monday. The girls kept me wet and looked a lot. And, because I had asked them to look at me, with my swim suit wet and if it was OK, they were now taking much longer looks and not hiding the fact that they were looking at all. In fact they were even talking to me about my package. Like how big it was and if my penis stayed hard all the time like it appeared to, etc. It kept me so turned on I couldn’t wait to get to the boy’s locker room to shower and have them watch me, from the scaffold, jacking myself off.
Friday came and the girls were all sad that it was my last day, but I told them that I had so much fun because of them; I was going to ask Susie if I could come back next summer for another visit. I said by then they probably wouldn’t even remember me. They all insisted that would not happen and they all wanted to exchange cell phone numbers and said they would all be pestering me to make sure I did come back. The rest of the day went pretty much like all the rest. After a couple of hours I told the girls I should probably get a shower and get going. I told them I had a long drive back home the next day and wanted to get some rest. When I was in the locker room I noticed the girls looking in the window as soon as I was undressing. The other days they were not there until I came back out of the shower. I headed for the shower room, which was about 25 feet by 12 feet and completely open with six shower heads on each side wall. I went to the far side, away from the door, and proceeded to shower and shampoo my hair. I still had a raging hard-on knowing the girls were going to watch me jack myself off. I had hung my towel on the shower head next to me and started drying off when I was done. When I turned around to head back to the locker room, all four girls were standing in the doorway watching me and all their eyes were on my very swollen package. I had the towel around my neck and quickly wrapped it around my waste. The girl that seemed to be the leader of the group spoke up and said,
“We all want to apologize to you. We have been spying on you, everyday, from the scaffold and have watched you naked and ************ yourself and we are really sorry. But this is your last day here and we didn’t want to lie to you anymore. We all discussed it and we really want you to let us go into the locker room with you and let us watch you do that to yourself. We don’t want it to be a secret anymore. We really want you to let us be with you when you do that to yourself, Please?”
Well, my dirty old pervert’s dream was coming true. I admitted that I knew they had been watching me and it had turned me on so much that was the reason that I had, had such intense climaxes each day. I took the towel from around my waste and walked naked, with a throbbing hardon, with them to the locker room. Two of the girls sat on either side of me and pressed their bare legs against my nakedness and it sent electricity through my whole body. The other two girls sat on the bench about four feet across from us. They were all still in their bikinis and I was so turned on I knew I would not last long and told them so. They said they were going to love watching me doing that to myself no matter how quickly I came. My pre-*** was already flowing like a river so I didn’t need any lube at all. I started stroking my manhood and as I looked up all the girl’s eyes were glued on what doing to myself. I looked down and my cockhead was as fat as I had ever seen it. I could tell they were really enjoying it because they were all breathing quickly and squirming on the benches. By the intense tickling in my cockhead I knew I was only seconds away and then I felt one of the girls, sitting next to me, place her hand on the inside of my right thigh and the back of her fingers touched my aching balls. I was gone and said, “Oh! Girls, I’m cuming” and started squirting my **** all over myself. I even got a little on the one girls hand. When I was done they said it looked like I needed another shower. They all came in the shower and helped me. Man, was I ever in heaven.
We said a very tearful goodbye with warm hugs and they all said I had better call them. I didn’t, just to see what they would do, and I never heard from any of them. I did go back up to visit Susie the next summer, but none of the girls were ever at the pool. I figured it was for the best.
Carjacker Carjacker
Jul 30, 2010