Totally New Experience....

i went to ROBERT MOSES STATE PARK the other day,beautiful beaches on NEW YORKS LONG ISLAND ,SOUTH SHORE.these beaches are known for there topless and nude aeas.
i arrived about 10 am ,and walked to totally empty part of the beach.removed all my clothes and laid down and fell asleep.
about a half hour later a voice woke me up saying "your gettin really red,you better turn over".it was awoman and her 3 young kids.
1 boy and 2 girls.they were all nude.
ask any doctor ,when a male sleeps he is tottally errect.i didnt realize this right away ,but when iturned over my totally aroused penis was the center of everyones attention.i heard the mother say to her kids "dont stare".
just knowing they were all looking at my penis ,was making me harder.
i heard the younger daughter say to her sister "does daddys weiny stand up like that".....the older daughter just said "SHHHHHH"
a little whil later they started playing frisbee football ,since ther was only 3 of them they decided to ask me to play,so we could play 2 on 2.very strange experience,playing with 3 kids naked.the way you play the game is you catch the frisbee and everyone else tries to tackel you.
iam tackling this 15 year old girl,we land on the sand and i jump up right away and offer her ahand to stand up.she took it and after she released my hand the palm of her hand brushed up against my penis....she starts brushing the sand off the front of my body.she moved my penis to one side with her hand and brushed the sand off my lower abdomen and upper thigh.
now fully aroused ,i deceided to quit playing.cant run around playing with kids with an errection.
strange......very strange......and it gets even more strange.
i told them i have abad knee ,so icant play anymore.just then the i heard the oldest daughter say to her mom"he got a bonner when he tackeled he's embarassed"
the mom laughted and said "there father walks around the house with an errection all the time....dont be embarrassed...bonners are a part of life"
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Wow! That would be a crazy experience. It seemed like their casual attitude defused all or most of the sexual aspects of it!

I had a similar incident at my house a while back. My wife and I are best friends with the couple next door and we all seniors. It was around 7 am and the wife needed something out of the frig in the garage. I was still in the buff, so I had to walk around 2 cars to get to the frig. I had seen no one when I went out. So i got the item and started back around the cars. I heard someone say hey James, I turned toward the voice and it was the lady next door. She had this girl with her that was around 6 years old. Their I was standing there completely nude, and she was kind of beside herself, too! She never missed a beat, she started carrying on a conversation just as if I was fully dressed. I could feel myself growing down there but at this point I was over the initial shock. She was telling me that she had to babysit her grand child and things she had on her agenda for the day. About that time my wife walks out and finds me in conversation with my neighbor. She then proceeded to introduce her grand child to us, still talking up a storm. She finally said well we have to go. My wife couldn't stop laughing after we got back inside. We were out there for over 10 minutes and I was fully erect. Later that day, the lady came over to laugh with us. She said that she didn't what to do once she was there, but didn't want to make an issue of it, so that's why she wanted to normalize the situation. Then she said, there you were standing there getting bigger and bigger and when my daughter arrived to pick up her up, the little girl said maw maw and me was over there talking to the naked man. LOL! Just another day in paradise.

Wow, crazy too!

Hilarious!!! :o)

I like that everyone was so relaxed about nudity and enjoyed the day.

Fun story. It is good to know there are people out there who have such a relaxed attitude about sex.

Having slept on this since my first comment, I have changed my mind. Shyguy was right to withdraw from the game. "now fully aroused ,i deceided to quit playing.cant run around playing with kids with an errection." Not when you're all naked, and the game involves physical contact. I agree. <br />
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I'm guessing that Shyguy's decision was instinctive, and having had time for everything to sink in, my instincts shout the same thing. If the other pla<x>yers involved were adults, and there was mutual trust, there wouldn't be any problem. Good-natured teasing wouldn't be out of line, either. But I now agree that it is unacceptable for a grown man to participate in a contact sport with children when nudity is involved and he has an erection. I can't quite intellectually rationalize it, given that the erection is unintended and Shyguy's intentions are completely innocent - this fact even being recognized by everyone else involved - but my instincts are very clear on this point and I find myself unable to doubt them. <br />
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Earlier I applauded the parents' "enlightened" attitude in raising their children, but now I think they may be overly liberal in their attitudes. On this occasion, the man they met and invited into their play had pure intentions, but who's to say what the next guy might be like? It seems a little bit like Russian roulette. Maybe that's why Shyguy and I feel the way we do - His continued participation would have set an example and a precedent that should not be followed. <br />
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If in the future I find myself in a situation like the one Shyguy related, I would excuse myself from the game without hesitation. If the fifteen-year-old wanted to know why, I would not make up a story, I would tell her that she's a fine, lovely, attractive girl (teenagers are so insecure), and yes, I was having a blast and greatly enjoying her and her siblings, but that physical contact with an underage person while I have an erection is simply not appropriate, and when my hard-on goes away, I'll be very happy to rejoin the game. Or in the meantime, we can play a different game not involving physical contact, like just tossing the Frisbee among each other. If her parents disagree, that's fine, they have a right to their opinion on the matter, and I have a right to mine. The subject is not up for debate.<br />
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With respect to the way in which the parents raise the children, it's good that they know what an erection is (from having seen their father's, and presumably from discussions with the parents). It would certainly increase my own comfort level and make it much easier to address the subject frankly.

I couldn't have said that better. I agree wholeheartedly.

thank you for taking the time to explain.......<br />

GentleMeditator is right, my comments were meant as support...and I agree with the rest of what GentleMeditator expressed, right on target.

Shyguy, I do not agree with your Aug 2nd comment - Rather than judging you, my immediate impression of the comments from bigwillie72 and 40owodd is that they were supporting you. If one of them disagreed as to the category for this story, it is a minor point. These comments are not judgmental and you should be grateful for their kind words. <br />
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Your account caused me to recall an incident when I was at a dance put on by a nudist club, and while I was dancing with my partner (so-called "fast dance," where the partners dance separately, no physical contact) I got an erection. I don't recall what caused it. But I, she, and everyone else just took it in stride - it was never any big deal. I did not intend for it to happen, but once the situation was there, I found myself comfortable with it and rather enjoyed it. (No children were present.) <br />
<br />
In this particular instance, it seems clear that if you had just taken it naturally and casually, that would have been the reaction of everyone else - including the mother. But you notice my qualification. Sad to say, parents as open, natural, and - in my opinion, enlightened - as the parents of these kids are all too rare. You were probably right to err on the side of caution. <br />
<br />
Your description of the game makes it sound a bit rough but my experience is that open, liberated people actually enjoy rough treatment - up to a point, and as long as it's all in good fun. The roughness just adds to the intensity of the fun. I'm willing to bet that everyone involved in the game was really having a blast, and it seems a shame it had to end prematurely.<br />
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I hope you meet the family and get invited to play with the kids again. I believe that I can speak for the other commenters here, as well as the family, when I say that we sense that you are a good person and would not misbehave in the situation. As the Mom so kindly observed, "Don't be embarrassed ... boners are a part of life."

thanks JUSTLETMEBE,unfotunately some people will always connect nudity with sex.thats why ifelt chasing children around with an errection didnt look right,or feel right...

It's just natural and nothing wrong with it. I hate so called nudists who are appalled by an erection, as if everything uptil that point was ok. Life's not black and white and what happened to you is perfectly ok and shouldn't have to be put in another group, anywhere you feel it should.

i fell like iam being judged.....thats not why ishare my experience's here.

Interesting story. When I was doing the nudist things some years ago, I had a difficult time not getting hard. It isn't often you see a hardon in a nudist area, let alone when kids are around. I agree with bigwillie72's comment about de-mystify. Obviously the mother had no problem with her children seeing you and it might even have helped her with sex education for the kids. What made it okay was that the mother was present and she acted normal about it, as did you for the most part.