Lunchtime Show

I am a construction worker and have seen and done a lot of things on the job.

One time while on the first day on this apartment construction job, lunch came around and I grabbed by lunch box and looked around to see where the other guys were; the jobsite was empty. I stood there for a moment and this guy came funning down the dirt road shouting to me "Come on the show is gonna start now."

Being curious, I followed running behind him. We arrived at the last apartment on the second floor at the end of the project. There were makeshift bleachers set us using scaffold board on timeber sections and fireblocks. Everyone was there, including the formen and superindendant, but there was one place left so I sat and opened my lunch. Suddenly the talking stopped so I looked up and across the way to existing apartments. A really good looking woman had just opened her curtains directly across from us and started dusting with a feather duster - stark n-aked. She continued cleaning, never looking directly at us and giving quite a show. At the end of our lunch, she closed the curtains. Although there was an 8' brick wall between the lots, she was only about 15' from the front row. and everyone had a very good view. She had large b-reasts, slim waist, and a shaved p-ussy, long brown hair and a pretty face.

This was an everyday occurance until one day about 3 weeks later, when some guy walked in on her, *****-ped n-aked, threw her on the bed which was below our view, climbed on her and all we could see was her legs in the air his a-ss going rapidly up and down.

All good things come to an end.
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Good post.<br />
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She definitely was an exhibitionist. She must have known you were watching.

Congratulations on your very good fortune. Thanks for sharing.

I guess you're a voyeur, not an exhibitionist.