Police Get Involved

Last week I was out shopping, and what I usually do when I shop is bring some nude pictures of myself. When I go to buy something I sit the pictures down in plain site, but not in an obvious way, hoping that the female cashier would look and comment. I always say I just came from Walgreen’s or CVS and just had these developed for art class. 98% of the time, I get a positive or no response at all. They ask to see them and often show their other female co workers.

But this time was different. I sat the pictures down on the counter and proceeded to get my wallet out my back pocket and fiddle with it looking for my credit card. I saw that the cashier saw the pictures but she didn’t say anything. This is normal but what happen next was not.

Friday I get a call from the local area police department. It turns out that the female cashier was very offended by seeing my nude photo. She called the police to report it. The police officer that called me was a female. I explained that it was just photos I had developed for an art class and that I didn’t mean for her to see them. The officer was pretty nice and said that she believed me and that she wouldn’t write a citation or anything. It would have been over but the exhibitionist in me saw this as another opportunity to show myself even though it was the law.

I took a chance by saying I would come to the police station to show her the art work. I said I wanted to show her that I didn’t mean to offend her. I brought all my nude photos (about 30) and a couple of my nude drawings. I got to the police station and sat down with the officer. She was very pretty. I pulled out all my pictures and art work and showed her. I started to get really excited. She looked at all of them. She than went and got 4 other female officers. They asked me question for about an hour while the pictures were sitting out. They just kept looking at them the whole time. They all said the cashier was over reacting and told me everything would be ok. She said she would talk to the cashier and even things out. The officer told me to give her a call this week to make sure every thing is ok. This felt so good.
blueflame blueflame
26-30, M
Aug 7, 2010