Showing Friends

I love exposing myself to females that I already know. There are several methods I use. I have several nude pictures on my cell phone. When I am with a female friend, I take a picture of them. Most females always want to see how they look in the picture. I always go back and then hand them the phone so that when they go into the pictures my nude one shows up first. I love thinking about what they are thinking about when we are around each other. Are the thinking of me nude?

Another way is through email. I talk to a lot of my old classmates from high school and college thru social sites such as Myspace and Facebook. “What are you up to” is a question that is always asked. I than say that I am in an art class, among other things, and go on to say that I have to do a nude project. I tell them that I am doing myself and ask do they want to see the project. I than email them the nude picture to see what they say. They all want to know if it is real. So I than send them the real nude picture. I also send about 4 other pictures and asked if I should have drawn one of the others instead.

It feels so good knowing that females that I am not sexually involved with can see me nude. It is also a rush when I run into any of them and they bring up the pictures. 4 times this has lead to a sexual relationship with a friend.
blueflame blueflame
26-30, M
Aug 7, 2010