"the Folder"

I like to draw in my spare time. I am pretty good at it, not great, so I have a bunch of art work in my possession. I am always looking for ways to show myself so I decided to use this. I put all my work into a folder marked art work on the cover. I have several completed pieces of art along with some undone work, and some pictures out of magazines and so forth. I printed up a piece of paper with a schedule and assignments on it in the front of the folder, as if it for an art class. Circled on the paper is the assignment of drawing a nude male. This is all a setup for how I am able to get away with it. I placed about 3 nude pictures of myself, about the size of a regular sheet of paper, on one side of the folder. On the other side is the drawing of one of the nude photos. I also have single 8x10 photos also in the folder.

What I do is go the stores that have all females working in them. These stores are not hard to find. Just go to a mall or something. I go into the store and sit my folder down, like on the counter or near the females. I than ask them question about their merchandise or whatever, as if I am interested in buying something. I than leave the store after talking for a while, but act like I accidentally left my folder. After a couple minutes someone always picks up the folder and looks in it. 95% of the time whoever sees it first calls the other females over and they smile and giggle and talk about it. You exhibitionist know the feeling of seeing someone enjoy looking at you nude. I than walk in and ask if anyone has seen my folder, pretending as if I didn’t see them looking and than put it down when they noticed I was coming.

One time I was in a hair store. I noticed that all (about 10 people) but one at the store was female. I was buying some shampoo, so what I did was put the money inside my folder and proceeded to the counter. When she gave me the price, I opened my folder and took the money out to pay. She noticed it right away. She didn’t say anything but she just walked away. She went to tell the person on the other side of the counter. This other woman (who was beautiful I might add) came over and said what’s in the folder. I told her just some art work. She asked if she can see it. I cautioned her that I had a nude picture of myself in it because I didn’t want to seem like a pervert lol. I told her it was all for an art class. She took the folder and proceeded to show every female in the store. The faces they were making made me feel so good. No one had a negative reaction. All were smiling and giggling. They than asked questions like what school I was in and where I was from. A couple females asked if it was really me and if I had a girlfriend. But the one that took the cake was one of the females asked could she see it for real. Of course I showed her in the back of the store. This was the best experience ever using the art folder. I go back to the store occasionally, but I don’t bring my folder so they won’t think I get a thrill out of it. I have many, many stories from “the folder” but I am hoping for many more experiences like this one.
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Great trick...