Both Are Exhibitionists?

this happened when i was living in an apartment near my school.I just moved in, and my roommate was still back at home for the summer.

My kitchen window was facing my neighbor's kitchen window. A 20 - something woman was living in that apartment.
I guess she was leaving the place in a few days or something.
One morning, i could see her sitting in front of her computer which was right next to the window.
So I could see her from her side.She was probably just out of shower because her hair was wet,
and only a towel was wrapped around her body. I thought the towel was wrapped a little lower than it was supposed to be, but i wasn't sure because her knees were pulled right in front of her chest. Then, when she lowered her breasts were completely exposed. Her boobs were nice enough for me to immediately get a hard-on. I, standing in front of my window, took my penis out and started touching myself. Couple minutes later she got up and unwrapped the towel, heading to her bedroom door which was right across her window. So I could see here bare ***, it was beautiful. She went up on her bed, and sat down with her laptop, facing me. It seemed like she was staring at her laptop. But she could see me watching her and ************ if she just looked up even a little bit. It went on for several minutes, and i came.

It was a great experience. I wish she hadn't moved.
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Good experience, thanks for sharing