First Time Showing

I was sixteen when this occurred. I was dating one of the High School 'jocks' but he could just as easily been one of the High School 'jerks'. That's another story for another day though. When I say 'dating' it was really grabbing a burger and driving to the local 'lover's lane'. I soon discovered it was so much easier to wear a dress or skirt on one of my 'dates'. So after hanging with friends at the local burger joint we would drive to a park, drink some beer or wine and start making out (and sometimes more:).

The area we would park was and heavily wooded. There were also other cars but it was a big area and everyone had their privacy. All we had to do was watch out for the police or park guards who sometimes patrolled the area. This particular night I was wearing a simple dress that buttoned all the way up the front (I remember thinking how great the dress would be for dating).

It didn't take long for my 'date' to have the top two buttons undone. I was wearing a bra and instead of clasping in the rear, it was fastened in the front and it didn't stay on me long. My breasts, more specifically my nipples, are my weak spot. Once someone gains access to them I lose all control and sensibility lol. Of course way back then I didn't fully understand all that. I didn't protest too much when 'Jock' slipped my panties off and tossed them onto the backseat.

What I wasn't expecting but should have foreseen was what happened next. Four more buttons undone and I was completely naked except for my dress clinging around my elbows. It didn't take long for the dress to slip down and off my arms and get tossed on the floor. It was the first time I was completely naked in a car or with a man. It was also the first time I was about to give a BJ.

After some hot and heavy petting the guy I was with wanted me to suck and lick his thing. I wasn't sure how to go about it, especially in the car. It was dusk out not real dark but not light either. I was nervous about not being able to see so I told him to keep a look out and I'll do it. He lowered his pants to his ankles and reclined his seat. I got on my knees and lowered my head into his lap with my backside facing out the passenger window. I was really getting into the oral sex, trying to do the things I saw in an x-rated film. The things that surprised me were how much bigger the penis felt in my mouth, how I had to be careful not to gag and how turned on it made me feel especially when he put his finger in me.

I thought I saw a flicker of light but he said it was another car passing. A few minutes later, just as he started to moan, I saw the car interior light up again. I wanted to lift my head up but he was holding me down for what seemed like thirty or forty seconds. He came all over me and then I heard him say 'oh ****' and pull my head up. There was a light was shinning in the car. I was disoriented and thought the light was coming in the driver's window but it was actually a reflection. There was a policeman standing at the passenger window shining a light in the car. I was completely naked looking very disheveled trying to clean myself and cover my front up while he's shining a light on my backside.

I quickly sat down and covered myself with my dress as best I could. I remember the officer shaking his head and saying to me, "What would your father think if he knew what you were doing"? I was tightly clutching my dress to the front of my body. The officer shined his light in the back of the car and saw empty beer cans. He said we were in trouble and asked for ID. I was trembling. He said he should take both of us to the station and call our parents. I started to sob and begged him not to.

I was shocked and startled to hear him say to me 'move the dress and let me see what's underneath'. When I hesitated he said to me 'Don't get all modest now, I already saw everything you got'. He went on to say he wanted to teach me a lesson; he wanted to embarrass me so I would think twice about doing what I did again. He then reached in the window and grabbed the dress (and my breast) out of my hands.

I was young, had a beer buzz, humiliated, scared and respectful of people with authority. I had no real choice but to listen back then, or so I thought anyway. He continued shining the light on me for what seemed like minutes but was more likely seconds. He told me to get him the beer cans that were full from the backseat and give them to him. I was mortified as I had to lean over the seat to gather the cans. He asked me if I wore panties tonight and I dutifully replied yes sir. He told me to put them on, slowly. After a few moments elapsed he asked if I was wearing a bra and made me put that on. He reached inside the car and gave me back my dress and told me to put it on. He told me he was going to give me a break and not report this, but if he caught us drinking or having sex again he would. And believe it or not I actually thanked him.

The guy I was with didn't say one word the whole time. What's worse he told people at school the next day. I was ashamed about what happened that night but what was more perplexing was the excitement I felt also. When I got home I went right to bed and ***********. For years I would replay that night in my mind during my alone time. I didn't really completely understand the feeling I had that night until I was older. There were certain aspects that happened that I eventually came to realized are turn-ons for me and are the foundation for most of my fantasies.
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Terrifying at the time, but a very hot story. That inner exhibitionist saw the light of.. a flashlight... that night.

Loved the story, it sure brings back some memories...

Great writing, though.

That must have been scary for a young girl. but first time naked in a car with a man, first BJ and first time putting on a show for a cop. That is a hot story and one you will never forget.

How horrible that must have been when it happened.... but also what a great erotic memory to reflect on. I can totally understand the conflicting emotions.

wow. love it. please add me

Great story!

This also happened to me and a gf. And yes they wanted to see her naked too.

now that was a hot story... i really like it

It is a great feeling knowing someone is watching and the first time was embarassing for me too but lead to some hot fantasies and more experiences would love to hear more of yours

Am I wrong or should that officer be fired immediately? I thought it was his job to prevent crime and not to commit them himself!

wow! that does bring back memories! I don't remember exactly how it went down, but next time I speak to my ex i'll get some of the details! Does this happen to a lot of teenagers? thanks for sharing!

It is interesting how the expereinces of our youth shape us!

What a great story. Please add me as a friend.

Yes Larry it certainly did. And when I have time I will write about some

sounds like even thro u was a lil embarrassed.:( you did enjoy yourself :)

yes exactly like sweet and sour sauce.

If this experience led to fantasies, did it lead to any more experiences?

Great story. I'd love to hear any more stories you may have.

When I was with the Border Patrol we would shine a projector at couples parked late at night. That was the extent of our mischief. We weren't the vice squad and didn't worry about consensual sex.