Truck Show Fun

My wife and i recently wen't to a truck show a couple of hours from home. We weren't sure how much fun we could have there due to family's. So i cut up a pair of her jean shorts for the occasion. I cut then short enought for her butt tto hang out a little just walking. Then i put holes all around then so you could see her pink thong thru the holes. It seemed to work because she got alot of attention. she started the day out wearing a tank top the barely covered her bra. But as it got hotter i talked her into changing into the bikini top i brought for her. We walked back to the car to change. wheile she was grabbing her stuff i noticed three guys sitting on the truck drinking beer so i told her to change outside te car which she did. there faces dropped when she pulled down her tanktop pulled off her bra and then put on her bikini.
kinkycouple56 kinkycouple56
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awesome i know she was enjoying that , i would have

very very erotic !

Nice. Would love to have been there