I Am A Subtle Exhibitionist...

This only started in the last year or two after seeing some pictures on a website somewhere. I couldn't believe what some of those girls were doing in totally public places and decided I had to be part of it.

The first time I tried it I went shopping, wearing a loose-fitting, silky, vest-top with thin shoulder straps and a very low cut neck. It was pale grey and showed off my excited nipples very nicely (it's not just men who like seeing "pokies" - I love them too!). I wore dark sunglasses so I could see who was watching me without them knowing that I was watching them. It was fun seeing women elbow their husbands in the ribs when they caught them staring at me! =o)

It was even more fun bending down to examine things on the bottom shelves in the supermarket so that the men nearby could have a good view of my ****. Some men would follow me around the shops, pretending to look at things they obviously didn't want, just waiting for me to give them another show. They'd try to work out the best angle for the best view. Little did they know that I was doing the same and would try to bend at the right angle to display as much as I could for them.

I'll write more stories over the next few days of some of the things I have done...I have to log out now and head back to the real world!
CatieMeads CatieMeads
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11 Responses Aug 16, 2010

please add me i will look forward to see more about your adventures

Hot story!!

hope you will continue to enjoy I know the men will and some women will too


Good work. It's fun being able to see the reactions. Sometimes I wish I had a way to videotape the people I'm flashing so I can see their faces.

thanks for sharing, i can't wait to read more

Thanks for sharing. I'd really like to hear more.

**** are women's magic wand. Used correctly, you can move nations. What power. You obviously know how to use them for the good of mankind ;)

I'd be following you around as well.

CatieMeads - I'm the type to follow you around pretending to be interested in some item. If I got the idea that you might be showing on purpose, I might try to reciprocate if possible, like by raising my shirt to wipe sweat from my forehead. Or I might come and ask you a question, like, "Excuse me, I wonder if you can give me some advice on these combs. My wife asked me to pick one up, and I noticed you are the glamorous type..."

Wow....wish I could see that show!!! I am hard at work thinking about what a tease you can be!!!....mmmmmmmmmm