I Was Caught Naked And ******* Off From Of My Hotel Window

I was staying at the Roosevelt Hotel in downtown NYC the first week in September 2010 and returned to my room a little drunk around 9 PM. I opened the window curtains fully and turned on all the lights in the room -- like I usually do, and then ******** naked and sat at the desk in front of my laptop. I logged onto Yahoo Messenger and turned on my webcam to do some naked webcamming in the chat rooms which is my favorite past time while I'm on the road for business. I was in a great chat room with about 12 viewers who were watching my cam as I jerked off and chatted with them. About an hour into my webcam "show" I heard a loud group of people laughing, shouting and whooping it up which sounded like it was coming from the street far below my window (I was in room 1248). I walked over to the window and put my eyes against the glass and shielded my hands around them so I could see out into the darkness... to my shock (and delight!) I looked up about 2 floors and across the way and saw a group of about 15 people on the rooftop waving and shouting at me trying to get my attention ... which, of course, they did!. I could see them fairly well on the dimly lit roof area It was a mixed group of women and men who looked like they were drinking and all had a VERY CLEAR view down into my room AND me as I stood there totally nude and exposed with a hardon. I felt a rush of excitement... and I could only think to wave back at them as they all laughed and cheered and whistled at me. I backed away from the window and decided this was a perfect, once in a lifetime scenario. So, I started to put on a show for them, playing with my **** and balls and turning around to show them my ***. I am 5'10" and 174 lbs athletic build...so I look pretty good, but my **** is only 6" when erect but I shave my pubic hair so there is just a little tuft of hair at the base and it makes me look a little biger. As I played with myself they continued to laugh and yell "cat calls" at me -- I love to be humiliated!.. This went on for about 20 minutes and I had to use all my control to keep from *******. Finally, I couldn't tkae it any more so I laid down on the bed, which was in clear view of all of them, and jerked off as I played with my balls, nipples, **** and ******* -- I shot a huge load because I was so excited, it landed on my face and chest! Then they all started cheering, clapping and laughing!!!!! After I came, I got scared that someone might decide to call the cops, so I got up and cleaned up and then turned off the lights and went to sleep. The next morning, I investigated where the group watching me was located, and it turns out it wasn't another building, but across the courtyard area and it was all part of the same Roosevelt Hotel -- the Presidential Suite where they were have a corporate party that night
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Wish I was at the corporate. Party