Taking Off My Panties In Front Of You

As folks who've read my previous stories will know, I am a girl who has only recently discovered the delights of exhibitionism. I hope you guys are having as much fun looking as I am showing! Anyway, I want to admit this kinky little fantasy of letting someone watch me take my panties off, real slowly. I don't know, as a girl there is just something so erotic about the whole thing. Sliding my finger in to the waistband. Tugging on them ever so teasingly and slowly over the hips. The wiggle of the hips as I slide them down. Feeling that flimsy fit of fabric glide down my legs, slowly revealing my nakedness in all of its feminine glory... then down my thighs... over my knees. Letting them drop, uselessly, around my ankles. Leaving me vulnerable and naked as I step out of them, as gracefully as possible. Ready for whatever you have planned for me. Ready for you.

So, that's why I have added an album of photos of me doing exactly that. Taking my panties off. For you. Hope you like!

P.s. It was one of my male fans here at ep who gave me the idea to do this. I absolutely love complying with requests like this, so if anyone out there, male or female, has any requests for future photos let me know, and I'll see what I can do!

Lots of love, Jo
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If I was your friend, I would suggest we go on a photo shoot in nature ( woods , park, beach, lake). Where I could photographs of you being seductive, sensual, sexy and all erotic as you enjoy yourself , nudity, nature and ****** after ******. WOW ! We need to take a break so I can reload.

I know exactly what you mean!

Oh I would love to see you taking your panties off. Such an exciting scene. Just your story telling turned me on. Please add me so I can see your beauty.

You are very sexy.

Ah...that sexy little wiggle as you slide them down. Such an erotic little movement. The cool air as it touches your most sensual area. What a lovely image you paint.

Totally agree. The slipping them off, the reveal ... wonderful!!

Would love to see you do that and would love to see your pics. Please add me?

Love this idea. Please add me

Your words are so tempting, I can't wait to see your pictures!

Sounds like an invitation to me. Where do I sign up!

You should check out the 2nd Season of Showtimes Gigolos. In one episode, there is a scene of exactly this and more

Such a delightful desc<x>ription, you convey your experience of it so strikingly, that if I read it slowly, I can almost imagine what it must feel like. I will certainly be reading & commenting on your other stories as this one is a brilliant taster. I have become your fan, & if you decide to do me the honour of adding me as a friend, I will do so with your photos as well. If you pose 1/2 as artistically as you write, I am in for a real treat.

You write about it very well.

I want to see these pictures! you are amazing x

Something so sensual about a girl removing her panties like that. Also love girls going out with no panties to arouse us males

your stories are smoking hot

after posting that set, I am sure you had a lot of offers to assist, add me to the list, thanks for sharing

Joanna I love your profile pic and hope to see more of you! Your desc<x>ription of slipping your panties down is inspiring!

I would love seeing you taking your panties off, please add me as a friend!!

we are both sitting next to each other on a bench in a mall. a young couple sits across from us. i reach be hind you guideing my hand under your soft *** checks and start to pull your panties down as i caress your wet maist lips with my other hand i unzipp my pants and let my rock hard **** fly up. as if by command you place one leg on top of mine to allow the couple to see your raw fless as you genle pull your panties down with your thumb by the crotch, not careing that your lovely breast are on full display to them. you place your panties on my **** and beging to give me a hand job to the amusement of our audence as i move my fingers in deeper and grab one of your breasts to suck. they both have a smile on their faces and it is obvious that they can't wait for their turn. suddenly your body goes still as a look of shock goes across your face, not being abble to scream or groan you beging to slam your body hard aginst my hand to relase the pleasure of every ****** you go through for the next 5 minutes while i cover your panties with my cream. when done we both look at each other and go into a long french kiss as i lift your *** filled panties around and slide them back on your hot wet *****. we separate and you go down to lick me clean. as i zip up you take out 2 sodas and we sit back to see what show the other couple has prepared.

And a very nice panty-***** it is, too!!! You rock, Jo! sexy gal.

There is definitely something very hot about a woman taking her panties off. Can't wait for more pics.

I wish there was more women like you. Thanks

JoannaB,<br />
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You know that will be "hard" for me to look at. lmfao.<br />
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Bare Hugs<br />

Ok guys, I'll do one with the bra coming off for you.<br />
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JoannaB<br />
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Thanks your are so nice to us.<br />
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Bare Hugs<br />

Love your photos and the thought process you put into them. Me being a boob man, how about the same with the bra coming off?

love to watch you slowly remove them so erotic