My Nude Audition

I went to an audition for a "Naked Newscaster", as I pulled in, there were 8 cars in the parking lot, and I decided to "go for it". I ******** off my clothes,walked across the parking lot with only my briefcase. When I got into the building, I wasn't sure which floor it was on. Riding the elevator nude has always been a little scary (but I will do it one day). Anyway, I walked in the reception area, heard a gasp, turned to see a couple were waiting for their turn. (He was, I assume his girlfriend was there for support.) After talking to the receptionist, who didn't even bat an eye, just gave me the paper work to fill out. When I went to sit down (on a local free paper), she asked what I was auditioning for, when I told her, Naked newscaster, she smacked her boyfriend and said, told you you should have been naked.
After I filled out the paperwork, and handed in my resume, it dawned on me. I'm naked, and I started thinking, OK, the couple, the receptionist and the director and producer, that's 5 cars. Another actor inside that will be 6. I'm getting a little nervous and excited
So the girlfriend starts talking to me, about what I've done, who's my agent, general stuff. The boyfriend is nervous, not sure if its the audition, his girl chatting with me or my nudity. They call for him to come in and he declines, says he's not ready yet. They ask if I'm ready, I say sure, as I get up the girlfriend smacks my *** and says, "Good Luck." and in I go.
The first question they ask, "This part involves nudity, does that bother you?" Its like I'm invisible, I tell them no, and proceed with the reading. They're happy with what I've done, but give me the 'ol we'll call you.
As I leave the office, the receptionist asks me to verify my numbers, and the girlfriend asks how I did, we talk a few more minutes, she tells me she convinced her boyfriend to get undressed. I tell her wish him luck for me and out the door I go.
Now there are more cars in the parking lot. I take a deep breath, and start walking to my truck, I don't even turn around when I hear the elevator ding. i heard horns in the parking lot, but that could be from anything.
gwynplane gwynplane
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2 Responses May 30, 2011

Great courage and determination. Well done. Don' know you but proud of you.

Thank you sir, it was a fun time

You've got balls. Good one!