Stepdaughter Saw Me Naked

When my 18 year old stepdaughter lived with us, I didn't make a habit of being naked in front of her, but my wife and I once went to bed while she and her boyfriend were entertaining friends in the kitchen. We couldn't leave the door open because there were visitors in the house, so we asked our daughter to open our door on the way to her bedroom. It was a very hot Aussie summer night way too hot for pyjamas or a quilt over us.
We laid on the bed naked for a while, and my wife said we should put the sheet over us before the visitors left and before my stepdaughter came to open the door for us. I said okay but we laid there a bit longer naked because it was so hot. Then my wife started to snore. I just kept laying there. I heard the visitors leave so my stepdaughter and her boyfriend who was staying over were about to go to bed. My wife was still snoring so I just laid there on my back and acted like I was asleep. I was so nervous because I knew she was coming to open the door for us. My **** was very shrivelled up but I was determined to go through with it.
As the door opened my heart almost pounded through my chest! She put the light on and turned and told her boyfriend to go back down the hall because we were both naked. They both laughed. I acted like I was bleary eyed and "woke up" and reached down and grabbed the sheet and pulled it up. I now wonder if my wife was faking it as well and was hoping to flash my daughter's boyfriend.
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1 Response Sep 23, 2011

Were you pretending to be asleep? If so was your heart beating very fast?