Like Mother, Like Son

I guess I started having exhibitionist urges once I started puberty. My mother raised me as a single parent, and almost as long as I can remember, I had urges to expose myself to her. But, I never had the nerve to follow through.
During my late teens, my mother had more free time on her hands as the business she owned became more successful. She now had a little more leisure time, and she spent a lot of free time pursuing fitness. She had always been an attractive slender woman, but once she started going to the gym and took up jogging, she quickly transformed her slender physique into an athletic physique.
Prior to this time, she was pretty conservative when it came to any nudity in the home at all. Before this time, I could just barely even remember just seeing a glimpse of her in her bra and panties when I was just a child.
Like so many people that undergo such a body transformation, I really think she had an urge to show off her new physique. It first started by her walking around the house in nothing but her bra and panties. She would usually do this just prior to, or after taking a shower, before going to bed, and before getting dressed in the morning. As time went on, she got more bold, and would take an early shower, and spend the rest of the evening watching TV in nothing more than her bra a panties.
She never did nothing overtly sexual, but as I reflect on it these days, once again, I think she was really proud of her new physique, and just desired attention, even if it came from her son. As creepy as it may sound to some of you, even though it was my own mother, I couldn't help but stare at her. She was just 40 years old, and had a physique that most 20 year old girls would die for. In addition, I was into working out myself, and really appreciated a woman with an athletic physique.
One day she suddenly upped her level of exhibitionism. I was sitting at my desk doing some homework, when she returned from her evening walk. My desk was right against the wall next to my door. My mother came into the house and stood in the open door while talking to me. She sat down on the floor and started taking her shoes off. She then stood up and ******** down to her bra and panties. We continued to talk as she ******** completely naked! I never dreamed she would take things this far! She just stood there engaging in conversation while she ********, without a care in the world. We continued to talk for a moment, she then gathered up her clothes and retreated to the bathroom to shower.
From that day on, it wasn't unusual for her to walk around the house nude for brief periods of time. She wouldn't stay nude for very long, but it wasn't unusual for her to walk across our home and do a simply task or two, perhaps even engage in some conversation with me, then she might go take a shower or put on her bra and panties to spend the rest of the evening relaxing.
This only inspired my urge to expose myself to her. Again, I had these urges since I was just a kid, and now that she was parading around the house nude, I really wanted to explore being nude in front of her. One day while driving home from the gym, I was all hot and sweaty, and thought that since she had once taken her sweaty clothes off in front of me, I would try the same. I was nervous at the prospect of doing this, yet very excited as well.
When I got home, my mother was in the kitchen cooking dinner. This would be a perfect opportunity for me, as they laundry room was attached to the kitchen. I figured I would simply stand in the laundry room doorway, ***** naked, put my clothes away, then go take my shower.
When I came into the kitchen, like most typical mothers, she started asking me about my day, and we just continued to carry on conversation as I opened the door to the laundry room. As I look back on it now, I was extremely nervous, but determined to go through with this. I was scared to death that she may say something to me about stripping in front of her. Nothing was ever said about her nudity, I was hoping she would extend the same courtesy. I also look back on how painfully obvious what I was doing. I just basically opened the laundry room door, then stepped a little more back into the kitchen and started to *****.
Naturally, I took off my tank top first, then ******** down to my underwear. Prior to this, my mother was busy cooking and engaging in conversation with me, but now that I had ******** to my underwear, she had completely turned her attention to me. I was now far more embarrassed at this point than I though I would be.
I considered quitting at this point, but I also wanted to just get this over with. I had wanted to expose myself for so many years, and I figured it was almost now or never. I was also dealing with another obstacle. Despite how nervous and embarrassed I already was, I was also experiencing a stirring in my underwear. I guess I was around 18 or 19 years old at this time, and we all know how quickly a little stir in the underwear can go to a full erection. I decided I need to get out of the underwear in a hurry, so I could quickly retreat to the shower.
As we continued to talk, and with my mother turned directly towards me, I started taking off my underwear. As I look back on this, it must have been painfully obvious to her as to what I was doing. I can still vividly remember slightly bending over and starting to pull down my underwear as I looked her directly in the eye. I was so nervous as I was doing this, that it took me forever to get out of my underwear. Just as I started to expose myself, I could feel that my penis was well more erect than I thought it was. Instead of falling to one side or another, it was well on it's way to standing straight up. I remember just as I was starting to expose my penis to her, and as I felt how erect I was actually becoming, once again, I almost wanted to stop. But, I knew stopping at this point would be far more awkward than completing the task.
As I finally got out of my underwear and standing there naked in front of her, I was really starting to have some regrets. In one respect, I was proud of my physique and excited about finally being naked in front of her, but having the now fully erect penis in front of her could be construed by her as a little creepy. I almost wanted to cover back up, but that would have been even more bizarre. While my mother's recent nudity was new to both of us, she always acted very natural about it. I thought it would be best if I didn't display any more nervousness than I was already displaying.
After standing there naked in front of her for a moment or two, I then started picking up my dirty clothes and went into the laundry room to put them away. I then walked out of the laundry room fully erect as was headed towards the shower. My mother was looking at me the entire time. Fortunately, she never said a word, or even hinted that I had done something wrong. I was so relived that she never said a word to me about this little display.
Despite how nervous I was about this initial event, I couldn't wait to do this again. I probably waited a few more days, then I started walking through the house nude just as my mother did. I would normally do this after showering, or before getting dressed.
Again, nothing was ever said about either of our exhibitionism. As I reflect on this as a grown man, I think we were both proud of our physiques, and just enjoyed exploring our exhibitionism desires.
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That is a wonderful story. I loved reading it. I also exposed myself naked in front of my mother many times as I was growing up, sometimes with an erection and sometimes staying soft the entire time. I've posted a few times about this already and will post more sometime. I also did the same in front of my great aunt that stayed with me several times when my parents were out of town. Later in life I did talk to my mother about the times I was naked in front of her. Did you ever talk to your mother about it years later?'

definitely more is needed. I enjoyed this story because of its lack of the words "****" and "****." As if a mom would actually talk like that to son.

Beautiful relationship, beautiful story. Kudos on having the courage to get naked in front of her the first time. <br />
<br />
I have no doubt that your mother understood that your erections were the consequence of receiving her attention while nude. After all, she clearly made it a point to detain you and prolong your nudity, and no doubt felt she shared the responsibility for your erections. Personally, I suspect she took some satisfaction and even downright enjoyment in inducing your hard-ons. The events were not one-time occurrences, your mother knew full well what was going to happen when she engaged you in conversation to delay your departure. <br />
<br />
Ladies, it would be helpful if you would chime in; what's your take? <br />
<br />
I hope your mother is still alive today and in good health. If so, you no doubt continue to have a fine loving relationship with her, though of a different kind. <br />
<br />

A great story.

Yeah Glen, I do feel very fortunate to have had these experiences. I have had a number of experiences with other people since, but my encounters with my Mother were by far the best. I was also fortunate that my mother was so understanding and accommodating. Being an exhibitionist herself, I think she knew the urges I had. She never said or did anything to encourage this. But, every single time I did this in front of her, I had her full attention. In most cases, I would basically set out to simply walk through a room that my mother would be in, expecting it to just be a quick view then move on. Every time she would essentially turn her direction towards me and engage me in conversation. There were many times when I was simply standing in front of her naked and carry on conversation for at least five minutes or so. And I can't recall ever standing naked in front of her that I didn't quickly start getting aroused. Within minutes I would be standing at full attention. Going from soft to standing at full attention made me feel even naughtier. I remember reflecting on this as I got older and I actually had some bad feelings about getting so aroused in front of her. But, I also knew that my Mother was an intelligent woman, and certainly knew how easily a teenage boy could become aroused, so no real harm done.<br />
Again, I've had a number of encounters over the years, but I will always look back on those with my Mother as being the most gratifying.

I have just started becoming more and more nude when my Mother in Law is around. I just like being exposed and act completely natural. When she first "caught" me, she told my wife and we all had a laugh together about it and my wife asked why I did it. I just said "we're all family, I dont have anything to hide" my wife didnt seem to think it was wrong and neither did my mother in law. I have always walked nude around the house and now do it even when she is there.

Beautifully written story. I felt your nervousness and excitement, too. Have you other experiences like this?