Mother In Law

I have a pretty close relationship with my wife's family. Since before we were married her sister, mother and aunts have all openly flirted with me. Her sister is in her mid 20's and has a great body, and is a huge tease. Always rubbing her *** or **** against me anytime she gets the chance. On more than one occasion she has sat down on my lap and made sure to squirm around enough to get my **** hard and them smile and act surprised. Her mother is in her late 40's with a great mom *** and giant set of boobs. Most recently her mother came to visit for a couple weeks so we spent the majority of our time at the pool. I normally wear brief type shorts or speedos to the pool or beach, partially for tanning and part because I enjoy showing off my gear. Each day after returning from the pool my wife would shower first allowing me time to ***** down and relax, my mother inlaw made sure to come into our room with a question each time this happened. I made no effort to cover my self and could see her eyes wondering to my hardening ****. I made sure to give her a view any time I could throughout her stay. I think I enjoyed it just as much ad she did.
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What a lovely story. Please add.