I Guess So.

I suppose you could say its being an attention *****, but honestly, who doesn't like a little attention now and then? And its fun.

This group probably crosses over on top of quite a few others, but then again, it is rather specific at the same time.

We're all exhibitionists here in the fact that we share a lot of ourselves in one way or another to the world.
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8 Responses Dec 4, 2006

u told the right thing in last line what difference is we people admit it

Ilove to naked at home and anywher if possible.

What about being seen in genera; public places as a man who wears 'different' clothing ?<br />
It's fun, guys.<br />

Yes I like to get naked and show off what I have

So how about some more pics of yourselves in your profiles?<br />
They are fun to do, and exciting that otherse see them.<br />
Cheers<br />

awww! that's lovely. i love that last line. the whole world's just a big family of exhibitionists, mm? yay, world family. ^_^

I'd like to add you, but can't! We're family here. Why not?

Yeah so come on and share your most exciting experience.

you know that i am 14 years old but i like to kiss to ALOT! but that is me

What do you like kissing