Another Dark Alley Adventure...

This was like over a year ago, so I don't remember all the details...

But anyway, I had planned to walk thru the alley and when I got to the end of it, there is a major street, and on the other side is large park.

My plan was to somehow cross that big street without being seen, so I could stroll around in the park in my moms hot pink g-string bikini!

How friggin bold is that???

Anyway, I decided to wear some biker shorts over the bikini bottoms until I was inside of the park, as that would be safer.

I'm shocked I haven't been brutally raped yet as much as I fantasize about being raped!

So I got dressed, covered my legs with baby oil, put some perfume and a condom in my bag and slipped out the back door.

I waited until it was quiet outside because I'm conflicted about it being totally deserted and being seen by one guy...weird I know!

I made it all the way to the opposite end of the alley, behind a liquor store and motel parking lot.

But somebody was unloading something from a truck near the motel because the parking lights on the truck were on.

So there is no way I could cross the street to the park without been seen...and a half naked 13 year old is like a lamb in a lions den.

So I just waited for the truck driver to leave, but instead he saw me, it was the 1st time anyone had seen me at that point in my funtime.

He asked me what I was doing, and I got scared and said nothing...he said what are you wearing and I said I was about to go for a jog.

He said its dangerous out here at night and that I should be careful, but he was looking around to see if anyone was looking, and he was also getting a bulge in his pants, it was plain as day and he tried to cover it with his hand.

Seeing him get so hard while checking me out made me scared as hell and excited too, because I'm sure my erect nipples gave me away.

It was just then that a car turned into the motel and I wasn't sure it the guys driving saw me or not, but the truck driver grabbed my hand and said can hide in the back of my truck and I climbed into the truck while he went to see what was going on.

I was so f'ing scared being in the back of that truck, but I thought I might finally get to either have sex for the 1st time, or I was gonna get raped.

I thought about running while he was gone, but I was so curious about what was going to happen, so I stayed.

He came back quickly and climbed into the back of the truck and pulled the door down leaving it slightly cracked so he could still see me.

He was asking me how old I was and rubbing himself at the same time, I said almost 14 and looking at his penis grow.

He saw me staring at his bulge and asked me if I wanted to see it, and I said I no, i don't care, okay, and he unzipped his pants and pulled out a giant black penis.

It scared the hell out of me because i never saw a real life penis before, and the most I ever had was two fingers inside of me, that wasn't going to fit in me no way in hell.

He said do you like it, and I don't remember what I said because I was just staring at it, then he completely freaked me out.

He felt my 100% engorged nipples thru my pink bikini top and then unhooked it and grabbed my breasts and nipples. That was the 1st time anyone ever felt my breasts and nipples before. I was so excited and my chest was heaving and I was shaking. He squatted down and kissed my breasts and sucked my aching nipples. Then he got up and rubbed his penis some more and squeezed my nipples.

It hurt because he was squeezing them and jacking himself off and my nipples are SUPER sensitive and it hurt so much I tried to take his hands off but he grabbed my hands with one of his and kept squeezing my nipples.

I was so scared and told him he was hurting me, but he said shut up someone will hear us, and that's when he went and pulled the door all the way down and turned a flashlight on me and was shining it on me.

He was pulling his pants off while telling me he liked me but if I wasn't quiet he'd have to gag my mouth, so I said can you stop squeezing my chest so hard.

He said he was sorry he hurt me and asked if I ever had sex before, I said no but I can jack him off so he put his penis on my lips and I started licking the tip of it.

I kept of licking the tip and he said open your mouth so I put the tip of it in my mouth and he started pushing my head and his penis at the same time.

It was too big to go in my mouth, so I started jacking him off while sucking the tip and he liked that because he started moaning and reached down and grabbed my nipples and started squeezing them hard again and it made me bite his penis and he pulled my hair and told me to suck don't bite.

My mouth was starting to get sore, but it was getting wet between my legs though, and he jacked off his sore penis and laid me down on the truck bed and put his hand on my ***** and felt how wet it was.

He set the flashlight down and took his pants off and asked me if I was ready for sex, I told him I wasn't, that I was only 13, and he said well let's see if you're ready,

He rubbed the baby oil off my legs and oiled his penis up and got on top of me and rubbed the tip of his penis all over my opening and the tip slid right in.

He said something that really scared me, he said you are already pregnant because my precum is already inside your *****.

I got so scared because I thought for a long time I was pregnant and then I started to scream when he started forcing himself deeper into me so he covered my mouth, but luckily someone beat on the truck door and he jumped up and put his pants on, and yelled yeah what is it?

Someone said you've got to move this truck you're blocking the exit, he said ok in a minute, then he told me to get dressed we gotta go somewhere else.

I got scared because I didn't wanna go anywhere with this guy and I asked him if I could see what his *** tasted like first.

He rubbed his penis and said okay but do it quick, so I started sucking it as deep as I could and jacking him off at the same time.

He started enjoying the way I was devouring his penis and I felt him starting to have his ****** so I tried to suck it deeper and stroke him harder.

He said oh god I'm gonna *** and he grabbed my head and forced his penis deeper and I almost gagged and he said oh god and shot the biggest load of *** down the back of my throat and I swallowed the whole load.

After he saw that I swallowed it, he put his pants on and I said that was good, and he said oh god it sure was,

When he went back into the lobby, I put my tennis shoes on ans was gonna get dressed, but I was scared he'd take me away, so I ran down the alley naked, but forgot my bag with the clothes, perfume, condom, and my cell phone in it.

I slipped back into the back yard naked and quietly into the house and went to the bathroom to wipe my ***** off and put some mouthwash in my mouth and gave myself an ****** thinking about the whole experience. It was the most fun I ever had with anyone.

I still do stuff but nothing like that, that was the best time I ever had and that was in late 2009. Next time I'll share my adventure to the park which I did about 6 months ago.
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7 Responses May 4, 2012

OMG, that was a hot story! You told it in such a way that I felt like I was right there watching it happen. But what I really wanted was to be the guy you stroked and sucked...

Very evocative story of your descent into decadence, you doxy!!!

Wow did u like the experience though

Damn girl you have to be more carefull.

The common female fantasy of being overpowered by a man who finds her sexually irresistable probably shouldn't be compared with rape which is almost always a violent and very negative experience. Your story gave me a ***** thanks x

Hey there! Wow that is some seriously crazy dangerous stuff you got up to! You could have been raped and even murdered! But at the same it is sooo exciting! I started exposing myself when I was 14 years old! I was proud of my body and the fact I was turning into a man! I wanted to share all of my young 14 year old body with all the women I could! I stood on the balcony of my flat and let women see my totally naked body as they walked past! The excitement was amazing! One of the first times I did it I got so carried away I jacked off and had a huge ****** right in front of this old woman (she was like 50 me only 14)andshe just stared at me....I was totally naked lost in an ****** and squirting my ***** everywhere! I would love to see you naked and you see me naked! Thanks for the lovely story!!! :) x

That was a great story. But please tell me, are you an exhibitonists or a sex addict? Most exhibitinists don't want sex only to show themselves. As for myself, I love to get naked in front of ladies. Also, I love to jack off while they watch. But nothing else.

Exhibitionist/nympho...because I love getting caught naked and giving oral only. I love when guys show me their things and send me videos of them jacking off on my pix.

Mmm what a lil dream girl.. Add me hon