Back Yard Exhibitionist

I have written this else where on the web sight but here goes... To give a bit of the history... Our neighbor is a 55 year old woman that lives alone. We are very friendly and some what close. She has made several "sexual" comments ( at least thats how I interpered them) while my wife and we were out side.I have had several sexual fantasies about her. Considering her age, she doesnt look bad. I am 59 and the wife is 56. Anyways, I have always wanted to get naked outside. On several occassions, i would venture to a dark area of my yard but i could move a foot or so and be in the street light if I wanted to, take off my clothes and enjoy the hot evening air on my body. Now this particluar spot can be seen from my neighbors back porch. She comes out different times at night to have a smoke then goes back into her house. I always wanted her to see me so one warm night, i ventured out, got to my spot and didnt see her on her porch, then I took my clothes off, which consisted of a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. I have been enjoying the warm night air and glanced over to her porch and noticed her sitting in the dark looking in my direction. I put my clothes on, went inside. I waited for about an hour, returned to the same spot and disrobed again. this time I kept somewhat of an eye on her porch and wouldnt ya know it, she tries to sneak out but I managed to see her quietly clothes the door and sit and watch me... I put my clothes on and went back inside for the night. the next day, she told my wife about my adventure, the wife told me to at least put on my robe when I was out side....
fast forward several days... I repeated the same thing and each and every time, i made sure the neighbor was not sitting out before I disrobed. I went out to my favorite spot disrobed and noticed noe sitting on her porch...well guess what within several minutes of me being naked, she would comeout and enjoy the view... she told the wife again... One month later, the wife went away for several days and I figures I would flash her more. So that evening, i walked outside, noticed she wasnt sitting out, I took off my clothes and positioned my self so I could see her back porch area and also stepped into the light for her to see.... she tried to sneak out by openeing her screen door and holding it as it closed so not to make a sound. I saw her sitting there and started to get an erection. I always wanted to have her watch so I enjoyed the monent all the while her watching me. The next night I repeated the same thing. i would go out, make sure she wasnt there, disrobe and guess who would sneak out within minutes of me being there. I figured I would play with her soI put my robe back on, went in and came back out about half an hour later. She wasnt there and would showup within minutes of menaked... I did this several times and each and every time, she showed up within minutes of me being out there. I would enjoy seeing her naked but hesitate to ask her... any suggestions???
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1 Response May 4, 2012

If she hasn't got naked yet for you, probably won't happened. But what I would do. I would buy a short silky men's robe. Then when I was out side naked and she saw me. I would put that on and walk over to her house and talk to her. Of couse, she should be able to see something on you. If you got ballsy, let the robe slide open a bit so she can see a closeup view. Maybe, later on after some sexy teasing from her, then you can remove you robe. After that who knows what will happen.