On My Own!!

     I was feeling bad after I had such an erotic experience trying to help a friend who lost his wife to cancer. The playing and teasing worked. He was smiling again, as well as, had a new zest for life. My husband secretly watched as I teased and got both men horny. It got pretty crazy, and went farther than we planned. My husband loved seeing it, but the poor guy was extremely upset, and worried. He said over and over, "Your husband is gonna kill me!" I continued to tell him he would never find out unless he told him. I asked, "You are NOT going to say anything, are you?" He said, "Of course not." He left the house still very upset. My husband came from the bedroom naked, sporting a huge leaking hard-on. Still feeling hot, we really did have great sex, but my mind and feelings were mixed at what we did to this poor guy.
     The next day, after my husband left for work, I called him. I gave a cheerful good morning, and he sounded a little weird. I could not do this to this poor man. I told him, Let me call you right back."  I got some coffee, and thought of what to do. I'm not an alcoholic, but I drank a shot of Jaiegermeister. Wheww!!  That helped with what I was about to do. I called him and told him that we needed to talk. He was apprehensive, but said ok. When he knocked, I shouted, "It's open!" I had gotten up on the dining room table, and tried taking a picture.He said, "What are you doing?" I told him we never got to take those pictures I wanted yesterday, and I thought I'd try. 
    He asked if my husband was okay, and I looked at him, getting off the table, pulled my jeans, and poured 2 shots. I told him to sit, we needed to talk. His eyes popped and he started getting flush. I thought of telling him that we were watched the day before, but I thought he would have felt embarrassed, as well as, used. Instead, I quickly smiled and told him to relax, and I wanted to tell him something. Hubby doesn't, and never will, know anything. He sat down, drank his shot and poured another for us. We slammed that immediately. He knew the pictures were a present for my husband, but I told him how I always have to wear revealing clothes when his friends come over. How it turns him on, and after awhile, I kind of liked it too. He looked and said, "I have seen you in some....ummm....sexy stuff." I told him, "I hope you don't mind, but this I'm doing for me. You're a very nice person, I trust you, and you're quite sexy. Besides, don't feel bad, he's having an affair with a woman he works with."  I asked him to go grab his camera and lets get busy. He paused, and I gave the puppy dog eyes and pleaded. Just relax, besides, my husbands probably banging that ***** right now, and we both laughed. I told him I'd pick stuff out while he grabbed the camera. When he came back, I did a spin and asked, "How's this?"
   "WOW!!, Don't move!!"  He squatted and snapped away. When I turned around, I noticed he had changed his shorts. He obviously was commando. He was still squatting and his **** was very visible with the new baggy shorts. It was already starting to get hard. I went to change, and told him I needed a shot. "Good idea!" He was telling me how great my *** looked, and we have got to take shots like that. I asked him, "What about the rest of me?" jokingly. I asked,"like this?" He looked in the bedroom and again said, "Don't move!!!"
I was already getting flush, and hot when I turned and his **** was hard as a rock. I grabbed his shorts at the crotch and told him, "Wow, do you want to stop?" He told me no way, but take off those shorts and lay across the bed with your *** up high.

He took a few pictures, but he had me raising my *** up high, with my knees spread. I felt my lips spread open. I got so horny, like a dog in heat. Here I am, my butt in the air, as he was watching me getting wetter and wetter. I slid one hand down my stomach and through my legs. I covered my ***** with my hand, then glided my middle fingers across from my butt to my ****. I almost came when my finger touched my ****, and he told me to get on the floor in the same pose. When I got off the bed, he had taken his shorts off and was directing my pose with this big beautiful ****. When I got on the floor, I grabbed him and put my lips around the tip and licked the pre-*** that was there. I sucked as I took my lips off, and wiped my mouth, saying "Yummy!!"  He was about to explode, and my mouth felt great. I got on the floor, on my knees and head on the floor. He took a few pictures,
All of a sudden I felt his mouth on me, and his tongue licking and circling my ****. I was having trouble staying on my knees with my head on the floor. I got up on all fours, and reached around grabbing his ****, and slid it slowly in my *****. As soon as his head hit my **** I had a tremendous ******, so I grabbed his shaft and rubbed the tip of his **** all over my ****. I came again, when I let go and propped my *** up, and he rammed himself in. He pushed in far on that first thrust and held his **** in me. He moaned, and I could feel him ***. I rocked back and forth as he held my hips. I can literally say, "There is a difference between getting ****** and making Love!!!"
  I love you honey, and thanks for seeing my point of view!
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you always brighten my day gorgeous and your stories always turn me on and it seems ur body gets more gorgeous every time i see it. It is sexier than most 18 yr olds i know

3 times a week at the gym, and good genes I guess.

Good story and great pictures. I have to say, you are in really fabulous shape, even for a woman of twenty, to say nothing of a woman in her late thirties. I am genuinely impressed. <br />
<br />
I'm so glad you had this experience and the two of you enjoyed it so much.

Don't forget 2 kids too. Lol