My First Bulge Flash

So i decided to give bulge flashing a try. I went to walmart and bought some of those white compression shorts. Size small ;) They fit like a second skin, and were practically see-through even when dry. After getting them wet you might as well be naked! So i went to a park with a long shirt to cover up in case kids or other men were nearby. I brought a water bottle and went about jogging. Every 5 minutes or so I would pour water on myself and my crotch to make it more visible. It would simply look like sweat, because it was a hot day! I didn't see any women so i drove to a park downtown and immediately spotted two hot girls in beautiful long dresses. I parked ahead of them and proceeded with my jogging. I pretended to get tired and slowed down when they got near. This really cute blonde said to her friend, "This guys just everything hanging out today!" As i walked past them she didn't even try to pretend she wasn't looking! Afterwards she giggled loudly. I have some rear-view sunglasses, but i couldn't find them today, i was wanting to see if she was checking out my *** after i passed, but i didn't turn around until i got about 50 feet away. Sure enough, she was still looking! What a success this was, I've gotta try it again!
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4 Responses May 5, 2012

Hot storie,makeing my clitty drip,if I saw you on the jogging path,like that,or any other guy,I woulden't be able to take my eyes off of your crouch,would want to just get down on my knees and give you lip service,I love checking out guys bulges,especially in spandex ,or sheer shorts,I've also wore sheer spandex shorts on nature paths,letting a guy by himself see my all most naked bottom,or woman my crouch,if I spot a guy in spandex shorts,I'll get past him about a block,then sit ,resting against a tree,when he approaches I'll ask him,how long is the trail,or anything,so I can just have that bulge in my face,sometimes,say I have trouble hearing ,could you come a little bit closer,then I'm really drooling,some times get lucky and can get a good view up his baggy shorts,either a sweatty jock strap or no underpants,his thingy just hanging down his shorts pant leg,me wanting for him to drop it in my mouth,so I could swallow his entire meat stick,love sissybobby

Nice storie,once when I was just off of the nature path a little bit,was sitting on the ground leaning against a tree,when I notice this guy in cycling spandex shorts,I asked him about the trail,that I was new to,he just stood directly in front of me,huge bulge,only inches from my face,explaining the different paths,then he notice me starring at his moist bulge,I didn't even try & hide it,I just said to him,I really love your spandex shorts,he just grinned,looked over his shoulder,then proceeded to yank them down & asked ,or maybe this is what you really love looking at,I couldn't be leave this total strainer just did this,to me ,another man,his p-slit was dripping,& he said he was just headed to the toilet down the path,& asked maybe you could help me with my problem,I eagerly followed him into the seedy toilet,he had me sit on toilet seat way in the corner,then had me do my thing to his p....,he shot a huge load down my throat,best bj I've ever had,I still get hard thinking about that time.

sounds like my black see thru shorts. But be careful, some ladies will still call the cops and could get you arrested. Make sure you park far enough away so when you get the bad vibs you can get to your car and get away without them seeing you.

I've never heard of those, that would be fun, I'll have to try that.