Jeep Thrills

I was parked in an abandoned subdivision during lunchtime when a red Jeep drove towards me. Unfortunately, I was naked and reading my magazines. There was nowhere to go, so I nonchalantly put the magazines away and turned my head. What I didn't count on was the Jeep slowing down. It wasn't looking at the guy in the Jeep, but I could feel his eyes looking down into my car. I tried my best to cover my privates, but he must have seen something. I heard the Jeep drive away and I started to breathe easier. To my astonishment, I heard the Jeep screech to a halt. I panicked and started the car. My car didn't respond right away, so I started sweating. What if this was an undercover policeman? What if this guy worked for the people who owned this unfinished subdivision? To make a long story short, I drove around the unfinished the subdivision in a game of automobile hide-and-seek. I managed to get to a far corner of the abandoned subdivision where I saw the red Jeep turning here and there in vain effort to find me. Since my clothes were in the trunk, I got out and got dressed. I left as soon as I could.
kudzu41999 kudzu41999
41-45, M
1 Response May 5, 2012

How scary! I never leave my clothes in the trunk when i drive naked i always leave em within arms reach.