Gas Station Incident

I was cruising around in my car looking for ladies. I already have on my see thru black short and ball weights. I know I need gas but it can wait. I see a sign for $3.59 per gallon and decide that is the lowest I have seen in awhile so I pulled in. I always look to park near a lady so I could have some fun. No luck so I pull in. I go inside and prepay and come back to my car. I see the black lady about 20 or so. I start filling up my car and I stand facing her. She is one pump up and one punp over from me. But if she looks she will have a view. I also lift my leg up on the back of the car so more hangs out. I keep a watchful eye around so no one else see's. I also keep glancing at the black lady and finally she looks and notices immediately. My prepay amout is almost there, so I slow it down. She is not getting gas but wating for someone so she take a few steps closer, and then a few more. I know now she is looking thru my shorts to see more. THEN, she runs into the store. Oh ****, I finsh my gas, put the lid on and hop in my car. I back out and start to leave the store. She comes back out but no one is with her. I still leave as fast as I can and head down the road. I go three blocks turn right go one block and turn right again to head back to the main drag. I turn right again so I can go by the gas station to see if anything is happening. Nope, the same girl is still standing by her car waiting for someone. I guess she saw too much.
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1 Response May 6, 2012

guttsy move.