Hooker Hangout Yesterday

I was really horny and wanted so bad to be seen naked. So the cheap thrill is drive down to South OBT hear in Orlando. I decide to do that. I know a good place to park and then start walking. Usually, I run into 5 to 10 hookers also walking I stopped and talked to a few and they always look down at my shorts for the view. Oh yes, I have on my black see thru shorts and ball weights. Most of the time, they ask about the ball weights. So I show them. But the best time I had yesterday was when I saw to 2 of them together. They were walking towards their hotel room. I qucken my pace and was about to intercept before they got to their room. As usual, they stopped and we talked and they also got a good view. So they invited me into their room for a better look. There was also one more hooker already in the room. They told her you have to see this and they told her and she looked so hell , I jjust took my shorts off. I could tell they loved my ball weights. So I told them come over and feel how much it weighs? I start stroking my **** to get it hard. It didn't take long. The closest one walks over and grabs my balls and lifts up the weight. She gasts and says WOW and tells the others you need to feel this, it must weigh 10 lbs. The other 2 come over and do the same thing, I know I am really horny but not ready wait to jack off. So after a few minutes I felt it was the right time to leave. I put my shorts on and say bye and leave. I walked back down to the road and then remembered I left my car key in their room. When walking I always carry one key to my car. Easy to conceal one key. Anyway I go back and knock on the door. One of the girls answered and saw it was me. You need to come back in. My other two friends don't belive us. So I walk back in and see there are 2 more girls there for a total of 5. I ask if they are having a party and they tell me they share the rent. But the one tells me to show the metal thing I have on. So I take my shirta and shorts off to be totally naked even my sandals I take off. The 2 girls look and one of the others tell them to go ahead and feel how much it weighs. So both of them walk over and sure enough grab my balls lift it up to feel the weight. Of course I am hard and hell now I want ot jack off. 5 girls watching why not. So I start stroking and they notice and one says yea go ahead we don't care. So I walk around and give each one a close up. I know I have to be careful, I don't want to *** to fast. So I slow my stroke and keep walking around but damn I get the feeling and know I am about to ***. I make sure all can see and tell me them and sure enough I ***. The load size was too much. One of the girls come over and hand me a wash cloth I keep squeezing my **** until all of the *** is out. I walk over to the sink and rinse my **** and hands. I get my clothes and turn around and tell me thanks for the fun. They said to come back and see us again but next time you have to pay. I said ok I don't mind. I get dressed and left and did not forget my key. I felt good 5 ladies watching me jack off was great.
ballstretcher ballstretcher
51-55, M
May 8, 2012