A Case Of Exhibitionism

This is my first story and definitely not the last. I've been exposing myself for a couple of years now, but only recently I've been taking it to the next level. This happened on one particular Saturday at the local mall in a clothing store. Now the change rooms in this store was right by the women's side of the store so if you were in the right isle you can see straight into the change rooms.

I picked up a few jeans and shirts and headed to the change rooms upon seeing a young girl and her mom entering the store. I quickly closed the curtain but left it open a few inches. Then I took of all my clothes and waited, holding a pair of jeans in my hand. I heard their voices coming closer. My heart raced like crazy, it was so exhilarating! I heard the mom saying to the girl that she must go and try on the item of clothing (think it was a bikini). The girl walked right passed not even noticing that the curtain was open. After a minute or so the mom passed by, but she did notice! She took a quick glance and walked by. There is a mirror in the room and i could see the woman as she was standing in the hallway and She was looking at it! She immediately stepped out of view when we made eye contact, To my disappointment. My heart was racing now. They finished up and went out. I also stepped out after dressing up. But to my amazement they were still there looking for other pieces of clothing. I immediately grabbed new clothes and went back. I left the curtain even more open this time. The girl came in again without her mother. She did not notice me. After a while she called her mother to come and look at her outfit. She opened the curtain and there was this girl standing in a red bikini. I was hard now she was like 3ft away from a naked me! Again, she did not pay attention to me. She closed the curtain but she pulled it to hard and in doing that she opened the other side of the curtain! I definitely had to take a look. I only saw her bottom for a second but hey it was better than nothing. The girl came out and they left. I also went out and waited for the next customers to arrive. And there she was, standing in the doorway was a middle aged woman looking at the items up for display in the window. I quickly grabbed some stuff and headed to the change rooms once again. I couldn't wait to get naked and feel that cold breeze on the tip of my manhood again. I waited for which seemed like ages. Then finally she walked right up to the shelf that is opposite the change room! This was heaven for me because she could see my penis anytime! I just stood there pretending that i did not know she was there. She stood there for literally a couple of minutes looking at some dresses. She must have liked what see saw and man did it feel good. That was a great day.

I will be uploading some pics of me and my member. So add me if you wana see
smokinim smokinim
May 8, 2012