Where To Hang Out And To Whom From 40 Years Experience

I have been thinking about writing this so here goes. I have learned who is best to expose yourself to and who to stay away from. Well at least from the women that live in Orlando. Believe me, Florida epecially Orlando is a melting pot of all types of people. Anyway, lets start off who I think is always best to stay away from. First women with babies. That is a big NO. I have tried those and everytime it has been a disaster. Second, white women between the ages of 25 and 40. Also add to that group Latin women of all ages. The just don't care about seeing naked men. Actually I have been caught by the law twice from exposing myself to women in that group. Lucky for me I have a good attorney as a friend and he has gotten me off both times. I did spend one night in jail. No he is not free but he does give me a good discount. Plus both arrests were expunged so they don't show up. Which is good for all kind of reasons. Now back the purpose of this story. Without mentioning I stay away from all children under the age of 21. I just play it safe. Now for the best groups, a can't miss group. Women in the next groups always look and keep looking and enjoy the show. First, black women. They always love seeing me in my black see thru shorts. They just keep looking while I am talking with them. I have had literately hundreds of successful display.ing with them. I been thinking about that and I think them being black maybe most of them never seen a white man naked. Whatever the reason, they just love looking at my balls hanging out and looking thru my see thru black shorts to see everything else. The next group is older women, black or white, over 60 up to any age. They just love seeing me. I have gone to many of them muliple times and they invite me in and can't wait until I get naked for them. Many times I stay with me over an hour just talking. If you read some of my previous stories, they have involved them. My walking naked story, the golden girls story and others involve ladies over 60. The third group includes all ages over 21 and any race. I am talking about hookers. They are a free ride. I mean you can walk down the street and approach them and talk and yes they still like looking at my shorts cause most of them never seen men with ball weights on. I have more fun with them, they want me to take my shorts off so they can see. I have one story written with them. That was my most recent story. If you don't have alot of time and really in the mood to expose yourself. That is a can't miss.You know where they are so go have fun with them. I don't pay. But sometimes I ask them if they need some money and they always say yes. I tell them I have 3 dollars in my car I can give them. So they follow me to my car. I open the door , look around then take my shorts off and get in the car leaving the door open. I take my time finding the money while stroking my ****. They never comlain. After a minute or so I give them the 3 dollars and they leave. But still you have lots of fun and it is worth 3 dollars. Just remember tell them you are not looking for anything so 3 dollars for nothing is alright. For those of you who read this story, please leave some input on your experience and if you agree with my observations. Others if you are going to try them, please let me know and then leave a followup how it went. I think this could be a nice thing so we can learn from each other what works and doesn't work.
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have you ever had a man see you in your shorts and say or do anything to you?

Yes and he came up to and asked about my balls weights. He said he saw them when I was looking at some dvd's and was curious about them.

you are right about the homeless. plus they do not have cell phones.

The homeless don't seem to mind

I agree about black women, they love it, or at least seem to. I've never had a black woman not look, watch, or talk, they always act excited and if they can they call friends. I've never tried older women, maybe when I get older myself!