Nude Massage

I have no issues with nudity.
Due to my active spots life I am in need of regular massage.
The issue I have is having tight grin area and most masseurs do not like going close to that area.
I looked is local paper and found an add for a massage which advertised non -sexual. That was fine with me.
I arrived at the scheduled time and was meet by an attractive Thai Girl.
She led me to the room and asked to undress. As I have no issue with nudity I started to take all my close of. To my surprise the girl did not leave the room but stayed and watch as I undressed.
I stood there fully exposed looking straight at her as i walked to the massage table. I could see that she was looking at the package downstairs. I mentioned to her that I Have tight groins and hamstrings.
I hope on table face down. No draper bothered with, just the way I like it.
She starts the massage working the back to start with and hen commences on the legs and ***. She had magic hands. She was getting into the groins and and on occasions her fingers would brush my balls which caused the penis to start to get a semi hard on.

After a while she has me to turn over by this stage I have a semi-erect ****.

She starts on the front at which time I hear some talk between the girl and another girl just outside the door.
To my surprise the door opens and in walks another Thai girl who also starts to massage me.
It felt great 4 hand massage., never had hat before.
Both girls had no problem going into the groin are brushing my raging hard **** by now on every stroke.
At this stage I was hoping for a happy ending due to the high state of excitement my **** was feeling but did not occur.
The massage was finished and went to the shoer room to was off the oil. My **** was still semi-eric as I got back into the room to dress. To my surprise another girl , different to massage girls was in the room changing the linen. I jsut dropped the towel and proceed to get dressed as this girls also had a look at the package.It felt great to exposure my self to 3 different ladies in one session.
Maybe they had not seen a male Brazilian wax before and all mentioned to each other to have a look.
No doubt I will be going back for another massage .

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2 Responses May 12, 2012

Happy endings used to be included. Have to pay extra now. See my Massage Parlor story.

I went to one massage place and asked if they do brazilian wax and I was surprised when they said yes. It was cheaper than a massage. She showed me to the room and told me to remove my clothes. Read the rest of the story under my Another Brazilian wax story