Interior Decorator

I met this one fine looking lady who was a interior decorator. I asked her if she could come to my house so I could get an idea what kind of wallpaper to put up in my master bathroom. She said fine and set up a time on saturday at 9:00 am. I said great. When I got home Friday night I was working up a plan so she could see me naked. I had an idea. My ex wife bought me a silk black short bath robe with a tie to wrap around it. It was also little see thru. When you tied it close, it was made to be slightly open. About 2 inches or so. Perfect for my **** to peak thru. So I decided to wear that. My plan was when she rings the door bell, I will act like I just got up and forgot the meeting. I left my hair looking like I just got up. I was looking thru the curtains waitng for her to arrive. I was getting antsy. I was stroking y **** to keep it semi hard or more. At 8:50 she arrives. I thought perfect it even adds better to me just waking up. She rings my door bell, i wait till the third ring and then answer the door looking surprised to see her and then shocked saying sorry I forgot. Come on in. She walks in with a big book in her hand. She lays that down on the couch. I tell her I like to have the master bathroom wallpapered. She says yes I remember you telling me that. I tell her great, give me a sec to clean up. I go down the hallway to my bedroom leaving the door opened, take my robe off and throw it on the bed and walk into my bathroom. I know if she was looking she would have saw me do that. I did not look. That was her first chance to see me naked. I start the water and wash my face and put water in my hair to comb it. She starts asking me questions and I look out of the bathroom and tell her I could not hear her. I tell her to come in the bedroom I would be able to hear her than. So she walks into the bedroom, I am sure she notices my robe lying on the bed. No one she could miss that. But she does not stop at the door but keeps walking to the bathroom doorway. She asks me if this is the bathroom you want wallpapered? I look out the door and say yes it is. She stopped walking then. I was surprised how far she came into the bedroom thought I guess she wants to see me naked. I don't know. So I keep cleaning up to take up more time. I put more water in my hair and comb it again.So I ask her what ideas do you have? She says let me go get my book, So I figure good time to leave the bedroom and get my robe. I wait a second, I am a little scared but decide hell with it and leave the bathroom and go back into my bedoom. I know she had to see me leave the bathroom cause she came into the bedroom a couple seconds later. I had my rob in my hands and was putting it on. She walked in and went into the bathroom. I had bath robe on now and was tying it. I adjusted the robe to make sure it was opened enough.I then walked into the bathroom She has her tape measure measuring the bathoom walls. She asks me if I could reach the ceiling and hold the tape measure up where the wall ends at the ceiling. I am thinking oh yea this could be good. I hope up on the sink and stand up. I know when I reach my arms up my robe opens up even more. She hands me the end of the tape measure. I made sure I was facing her so she would have good view. I reach up to hold it against the ceiling. I peak down and notice my **** is sticking staright out right in front of her face. I ask her is this where you want it. She looks up and says move it a little more to the right. So I do. I peaked down again and sure enough she is looking. I wait a couple seconds and say is everything alright. She says yes hang on. writes down the measurement and then tells me to move it back to the corner. So I do and she looks at the tape measure and gets another look at me. Another few seconds go by and shes says ok. I got what I need. i get down. My robe is almost fully opened but I do not fix it. She asks me you want to see some of the wallpaper I suggest Well go ahead and start and I will listen and get my clothes together. She says fine. She opens this big book and lays it across my bed. While she is looking thru it, I go into the closet and get some jeans and a shirt. I come back out and she it still looking. I take my robe off and grab my jeans and she says here is the one I want to show you. I am naked now with my jeans in my hand. Perfect timing. I lay the jeans back on the bed and walk to look what she wants to show me. I get right next to her and she point to this one. I look at it, feel it and say that looks ok. She puts a tab on it then starts looking thru the book again. I just stand there while she is doing it. In my mind, I am thinking obviously she does no mind me being naked. So I just stand there waiting. We go thru 6 more wallpapers until she is finished and asks me what one do you like the best. I tell her I need better light, lets go into the living room. I do not ask her, I just decide to stay naked. We walk out of the bedroom into the living room. She lays the book on the coffee table and opens is up to the first page with a tab. She is sitting on the couch. I am standing in front of the table. She points to the first one. I feel it and say ok. She goes on thru the second one until she gets to the last one. Then I have to decide. I narrow it down to two. Of course she agrees that those were the best two. So I keep going back between the two and ask her what she thought. Lets go back to your bathroom. She grabs the book and I follow. She lays it on the sink and opens up to the first. She says OK how does it look. I say it looks great. She opens the other one and asks the same question. Damn they both look good. I say you pick. She says the first one and I agree. So she measures it up and tell me how much wallpaper I need. Not much. And then how much to do the job. Who do you have to do the job. She tells me you will like them. I have two ladies that are really good. She says to me I will make sure they understand that you will be home when they do it and also I will them you are a home nudist. I ask will that be ok with them. She said yelp, because both of them live together and they also are nudists and are members at cypress cove. I say really, I go there alot with my girlfriend. So I tell her is that why you don't mind me being naked now. She tells me she is not a nudist but no nudity does not bother me. So she gives me the total, I sign and she packs up. She tells me again, so you know, nudity does not bother me, so thanks for being yourself. I enjoyed it. She tells one more thing, it is is ok with you, I will be here when the paper hangers come. I said fine. I close the door and watch her pack up and leave. It will be a week or two before they get here. That will be fun too.
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May 13, 2012