My Friend...the Registered Sex Offender!

On Sunday, April 1st, 2012, at 11:50pm, I was so horny and wet, I was sexually enticed to go to the nearby park to enjoying being as naked as possible outdoors in the cool night air.

While planning my adventure I lay in bed playing with my dripping wet spot, I decided to quietly get up and put on a pair of tight short-shorts that I made out of my moms pink tights, my school zip-up hoodie, and some running shoes I'd end up carrying while inside of the park.

Mmmmm...barefooted in a dark cool park with a pair of biker shorts that (when pulled up a bit) can't quite hide my camel-toe and/or @$$, a half zipped hoodie with no bra and my nipples looking like 2 yummy hershey's kisses peeking out...

How much more naked could I get than to just wear those 3 tiny pieces of clothing combined with the fact that I was only 14...and it was almost midnight, and my mom might wake up any second...or while I was still at the park...

All this made my wet spot soaking wet, and my soon to be filled milk glands felt like they were going to erupt with hormones racing thru my now puffy and sensitive nipples. The cold air made my nipples freeze and I fantasized about a man thawing them out in his nice warm mouth.

My mom had fallen asleep and since my bedroom is near the back of the house, I easily slipped out the back door no problem and went into the backyard completly naked where I put vanilla scented baby oil all over my feet and the whole backyard smelled like vanilla perfume, I put on my running shoes, then I rubbed the vanilla oil all over my cool naked body from my neck to my ankles.

Goose bumps covered my entire body and i put on my hoodie and zipped it at the bottom and put on my hot pink biker short shorts. My nipples were poking straight out and my wet spot was soaked, so I zipped it just enough to hide my nipples.

I figured it was safer wearing running shoes instead of flip flops since I saw some gang bangers the previous night when my dad brought me over to shoot some hoops. They were checking me out and my dad and i left, they were kinda sexy looking, but I might have to run without my dad around.

I walked out our gate and (I had to walk the long way, because a dog always barks when I try to walk down our corner) into the alley and towards the park. I waited until a car passed...and guess what??? It was a police car that turned into the other end of my alley.

Had they seen me or just dumb-@$$ luck??? So i ran as fast as i could across the street and passed a guy putting plastic bottles in a giant bag...I wondered what he'd do to me, as he watched me run into an unlit entrance to the park. A few minutes later the police put their light on this guy and I thought he was gonna tell them about me. But he didn't and they drove off. I often have wet dreams about this experience and also about things that have never happened like a large group of gang-bangers finding me and almost killing me.

I fantasize about being completely manhandled, and a guy gently choking me with his large **** spraying c*m down my throat. This fantasy gives me such an exploding ****** and juice squirts out of me!!!

On the inside of the park I was breathing so hard partly because of the run and partly because I was scared of the guy now coming after me. I unzipped my top and felt so sexy as I ran across the field and into the ladies restroom and hid in the last stall. I stood there in the darkness and saw this guy coming in the general direction of the women's restroom. He was able to smell my vanilla scented baby oil...the whole restroom smelled like vanilla.

I stood in the dark restroom and I pulled my biker shorts up so my @$$ was barely covered and I hoped he would find me. Then I went into the last stall and took off my hoodie and shorts and felt my rock hard nips and dripping wet bushy. I was totally naked in the park restroom. No...I had my running shoes on! I felt so hot!!!

Then it happened...right when I felt the first part of an exploding ******...I heard him outside mumbling something about i know you're in there...and I got too scared to finish my ******. He quietly walked into the dark restroom and just stood there. I peeked out and saw it was the same guy that saw me run into the park.

All I had on we're my running shoes, I tried to quietly put on my hoodie and shorts, while this guy walked into the stall next to mine and started peeing in the toilet bowl, it was so loud that I zipped up me hoodie and was going to leave but his door was open. Then he walked to my stall and tried to push it open, but it was locked.

I was so scared being almost naked and him seeming like a monster outside...he said anybody in there? I said in my deepest 14 year old female voice YEAH!!! Then I realized I was about to meet someone, and I zipped my hoodie all the way up and the guy said what are you doing in there? I pulled my shorts out of my "front to rear crack" and unlocked the stall door.

I got some nerve and walked toward the restroom exit, but the guy passed me and stood in the doorway. He told me how good I smell and look, and I said thanks as I walked under his arm to get out of the restroom.

He asked if he could talk to me, and I said sure. He asked me where I was going, and I said for a walk or a run or something. He asked if he could hang out with me and I said he could.

He told me he just got out of jail, and I asked him what he was in jail for, he said a 12 year old girl accused him of oral copulation and he spent 3 years in jail and has to register as a sex offender, but hasn't yet, because he is homeless. I could tell he liked what he saw, the way he was checking me out. But since he didn't touch me, I asked him if he wanted to come to my house and eat something, and he said yes, so we ran most of the way to my back yard.

I opened the garage and told him to sit down and I will get him some food. I snuck into the house and got him some cold chicken and a bottle of red wine. He tore that chicken up and drank the wine.

I told him he couldn't be here when my mom got up in the morning, but I'd meet him in the alley after 11pm every night, so he could sleep in the garage. He got up and thanked me and then he hugged me. He was holding me against him for a long time and I think he got hard doing it. Then he told me what a good person I was, and that not many people have been nice to him while rubbing my back and shoulders.

I felt something special about this guy, he really wanted me to be his friend. He was just a little too touchy!!! I laid some blankets on the floor and he thanked me again and kissed me on the cheek and then the other cheek...and then he kissed me on the lips!

I freaked out when he tried to put his tongue in my mouth and said I was gonna go get him a pillow. I was dripping wet after that kiss, and changed my hoodie to a very loose fitting tank top and brought him a pillow. When he saw my tank top he kept grabbing my arms and shoulders trying to hold me close.

He was still drinking the last of the wine and asked me if I could stay in the garage and talk for a minute, so I said ok, but let me close the door. When I did that it got kinda dark, and he thanked me again for being so nice and put his tongue on my lips, but I didn't open my mouth and he put his hands on my shoulders and one side of my tank top fell off my shoulder.

When he started rubbing my bare shoulder, I couldn't help but to open my mouth. He had slid his hand on one of my breasts and simultaneously licked my tongue. I got scared and said let me go check to see if my mom is still sleep...he got scared too and took his hand off my breast and stopped kissing me.

I knew he'd try to grab my breasts and was too scared to come back out. I knew that him kissing me might lead him to suck my breasts and sucking something else! I went to my room and played with myself as I lay in bed naked.

My thoughts were on going out into the garage, but it was almost 2am, and my mom gets up at 4am. So I put the loose fitting tank top on and wore it as a dress and went out to the garage.

I smelled the smell of marijuana coming from the garage and peeked inside. The guy was smoking a joint and drinking the last of the wine. I really wanted to try some and opened the garage door and went inside.

My new friend Darnell was smoking a big fat blunt and asked me if I wanted to hit it...I closed the door and put a towel under the door so the smoke wouldn't stink up the neighborhood. I took the mj filled cigar and took a first time trying it and I totally gagged. I was coughing so hard that Darnell had to massage my chest for several minutes, and he gave me a little wine to clear my throat. The chest massage started to feel good until I noticed he was just trying to play with my breasts. So I laid down on his makeshift bed and took a swig of wine and another puff of the blunt...I started feeling very relaxed and took off my running shoes. I didn't feel like running anywhere now. He laid down and let me smoke and drink as much as I wanted and he massaged my feet. He told me I had the softest smoothest feet he ever felt in his life. Darnell made me feel so good and he asked me if I could be his girlfriend, and I asked him how old he was. He said he was 25 but he looked 40 something. I was so high that I didn't even realize he had moved from massaging my feet to my ankles to my calves to my thighs and was working his way to my dripping loving. I tried to get up, but was f*cked up at that point, and told him I need to go before my mom wakes up. I had been in the garage with him for hours getting high and him rubbing me down. I think I must have passed out because when I came to, he had taken my tank top off and he was naked too. And when I moved the towel and looked under it was almost daylight. I grabbed my clothes and started to run back in the house, and I told Darnell he had to leave until tonight. He said ok, but since he was now my boyfriend he needed a kiss until tonight. I tried to get dressed first, but he grabbed me in his arms and gave me the deepest kiss I ever had before and his pen*s immediately grew hard and he asked me to quickly sit on it before I go inside. He had a horse pen*s and it would never fit inside me anyway. I said not now baby my mom will find us and you could get in trouble. His **** started getting smaller and he said yeah you're right, see you tonight baby girl. He got dressed and left through the alley and I went to my bedroom. I was so high I made noise going in and my mom yelled from her room...I said just using the bathroom and she went back to snoring. It felt so good when he held me and we were both naked...his hands were all over my body and he was kissing me. He kept telling me how soft my body was and how good I felt against him. I felt like a woman in his arms and his giant **** turned me on. I haven't been to the park since I met Darnell. I think he may have gone back to jail for parole violation...he did have MJ on him. I haven't seen him since our only date last month. I really miss him though. He was a strong man and he held me in his arms like a baby. He made me feel like his little girl. Maybe I'll try to meet another guy at the park tonight. I need a boyfriend, but I don't know what to wear!
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This story made me a little envious, though. I wish I could be your boyfriend-in-secret just to have you experience how nice it will be to have your breasts suckled...milk or no milk. Just having them suckled is a thrill in itself...

This was a really exciting story. Aside from the hot eroticism, I like the fact that you were nice to Darnell. I'm sure not too many people want to have anything to do with him. You showed real compassion toward him. I think that's really awesome.

"...soon to be filled milk glands..." ??? Were you pregnant? They won't fill with milk unless you are pregnant or work to induce lactation.

How do u work to induce lactation???

And will that make them larger???

Maybe they will get larger when suckled regularly by a close male who you like having him suckle you. Otherwise, it could be uncomfortable, if not near impossible.

You may start by reading this.

Afterward, type "induce lactation" into google.

She's awfully young to be doing/trying that, Breastsuckle. She could just get pregnant and let it happen that way.

Will they get bigger...

And I don't want to get pregnant yet!!!

It takes a LOT of work, and unless you're willing to go through aching ****, pumping or a regular, frequent (multiple times a day) suckling, herbal supplements and more, it's not for you.

I could go for the suckling method!!!

If you work and he works (you'd need a dedicated, regular partner if you don't have a breast pump), you'd have to be able to meet several times a day for sessions of (depending on who you talk to) 15-30 minutes each. Not many people can break away from work/school to achieve that. THen figure on spending a bunch of money on all new bras, pads, etc.

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mmm sounds like you need a gentle Daddy to take care of you..

I hope to read part 2 of this at some point.<br />
Add me.

I want to experience part 2 happening to me!!!

That story was so ******* hot! I hope you can find someone else in the park to have fun with.

wow hottest story i read in ages! dint u wanna let him **** u? or did u want him 2 *** back l8r so u cud b his lil gf victim?

I double ****** just thinking about being someone's gf victim!!!

mmmmmmmmmmm me 2! =D

Awesome story!!! Love it that he said you have such a smooth soft body!!! Well your gorgeous little body is only 14 yrs old so I'm sure it's super soft to feel!!! I would love to sit naked with you and rub your soft silky smooth legs and feet!!! You would clearly see my **** rock hard and bulging while I did it!!! Have you ever had a guy lick your legs??? I love licking girls legs it feels great!!! I love feeling the warmth and smoothness of her legs on my tongue it is fantastic!!! :)

Great story - cant wait to read more

Really enjoy your stories, would love to be added.