Nude Massage Continued

Further to my massage experience with 3 different ladies seeing me naked I made another appointment
I arrive and greeted by a different girl from the first time
Shown to the massage room and asked to disrobe and like before the girl stayed as I got nude and got on the massage table face down with no draping just the way I like it.
She started the massage doing a great job with some firm hands but 15 minutes in the door opens and another girl walks in, being one of the original girls from the first visit . It seems this girl is the owner of the establishment.

The original girl leaves the room and the owner continues with the massage and Dora's a wonderful job of trading me as she massages my butt and groin area with her fingers grazing my ball sack on each stroke.
My **** is now beginning to get hard.

She asked me to turnover with my **** at half mask as she gives it a good look.

As in previous massage she works her hands close to my **** grazing it on every stroke.
My **** responds accordingly and is hard as it could be.
Pre *** is starting to drip out.
I then start to stroke my **** looking at her in the eyes and she smiles and then looks at my **** as I am stroking it.

She does not say a word but just smiles and then gets on the massage table in front of me between my spread legs

I continue stroking my raging hard **** and then the girl starts to massage my balls as I stock my ****

I am enjoying the thought I am naked with a hard **** as an attractive girl is looking at me stroking my **** to completion.

I could feel I was about to come and the girl could sense me as I was tightening my butt. At this stage she has one hand on my balls and the other playing with my anus.
At this stage I unloaded my *** with a great explosion all over my stomach.
The girl looked and just smiled hiving me some tissues and helped wipe my come off my stomach and then took hold if my **** and cleaned all the *** off .

I Definatley felt relaxed after that, had a shower and on return to room to get dressed another girl is there tidying up .
I drop the towel look at her front on as I get dressed.

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2 Responses May 15, 2012

very bnice story but next time get her to stroke you

Am curious. I see the same sign about no sexual etc. i am in orlando. Where are you? They stroke my **** there only after they ask where you want massage so i grab their hand and put it on my **** and then they stroke