Interior Decorator Story Part 2

I received a phone call from the interio decorator. She told me everything is set up for tuesday may 15. I told her let me call you back after I check my work schedule. She says fine but she is just a couple blocks away and she could stop by and then you can tell me. I said ok. I hang up and start thinking, why does she want to stop by. I was wondering if she wanted to see me naked again. But tuesday is only 3 days away but hell with it. I take my clothes off quickly and start stroking my **** to get it semi hard to hard. I wash up quickly and then start looking out of the window. Sometimes it seem hard to keep you **** hard. But I keep playing with it. I hear a car pull up and check the window. It is her and there are 2 other ladies with her. Damn, I did not what to do. ****, I am nervous as hell. Time flies and they are ringing the door bell. I open the door and peak around and say hi and ask who are they? She tells me they are Patty and Sue. They are the paper hangers I told you about and they would like to see your bathroom first so they have an idea how long it will take cause they have another job the same day. I tell them I don't have anything on and they say ok they don't mind so I let the door open more and they come in. The two ladies go to the bathroom after I point the way. I whisper to the interior decorator and tell her sorry . I forgot her name. She giggles and says Angel. I said Angle really? She says yes. So we both walk back to my master bathroom and see what the two ladies are doing. I stop at the door making sure I give them a good view and see what they are doing. They look at me and said we are just making some quick measurements so we have idea where the splits will be. I said ok whatever that meant. Angle comes up next to me and slaps me on the butt and asks the ladies are you almost done. They say just about When Angle slapped me on the butt that got a little rise in my ****. I was hoping she would grab my ****.You need to think how wide the door entrance is to mh bathroom., It can't be more than 3 feet. Anyway, Angel is next to me looking in the bathroom watching the ladies. So I start thinking about turning to face Angel and maybe I can get my **** to rub against her hand, if it does, I will stop turning so it stays there. I look down at her hand and thought it could work. So, I turn to face her and whisper to her, I stop turning and my **** is right on her hand. I ask her how long will it take for them to hand the paper Tuesday? She closes her hand around me ****. I can't believe it. She asks the ladies the same question and they tell her no more than 2 hours. Angel lets go of my **** and looks at me eye to eye, smiles and tells me that is not bad, 2 hours. I say cool. I told her I checked my schedule and I don't have to be at work until 2:30pm. The 2 ladies say good they will come in the morning and do this job first. They tell Angel they are fiinshed and ready to go when you are. They grab their stuff, me and Angel back up into the bedroom to give them room to get out fo the bathroom.They walk into the bedroom and stop. They tell me my bathroom is going to look very nice when they are done. I say great. I walk into the bathroom and look around trying to imagine what it will look like. The truth is I was stalling so they stayed a little longer. I was thinking, 3 ladies fully dressed and I am totally naked except for my ball weigh.Angel then asks the two ladies if they ever seen anything like this. She grabs by balls and lifts them up to show them. They both said no and ask why I wear that. It's a long story but I really like the feel of the weight. She tell Patty, you need to come feel how heavy this is. So she take a few steps and grabs my balls and lifts them up and says damn how much weight is that and tell Sue come feel this. So I tell her 4 lbs. While she holding them, says and this does not hurt? I say no and she then lets go. Angel comes back over and grabs them again and says I just can't believer this does not hurt your balls. I tell them I have been wearing them for over 10 years and yes when I first started it did hurt a lot to the point I had to take them off after an hour or so. Now I can wear them all the time, even sleep with them. I tell them I only take them off to clean them.So they are start moving for the door and head down the hall way back to living room. I ask them if they care for anything to drink, maybe a beer. One said why not so I head to the kitchen and grab four bottles of beer and come back out to the living room. I open them and hand them out. The three of them sat on the couch while I stood. After a few minutes I could tell they were getting a little tipsy. I was thinking only one beer? So Sue asks do you wear those during sex? I say most of the time. It depends who it is with. My girlfriend loves them. It really helps her to ******. Before I met her, other ladies I had sex with did not want me to wear them the next time we did have sex. They said their ******* hurt the next day. They all laughed and Sue said i wouldn't mind trying that. Angle said yea I wouldn't either. I said that sounds ok with me. But I worn them if they love it, what are they going to do. I don't think you will find other guys that wear them. Sue said you are right, I have never seen them before, Patty and Angel said the same thing. The 3 of them was finishing their beers. I start walking back to the kitchen to get more beers but Sue said no thanks. Patty said no thinks and Angel says I will take raincheck. I said ok. The two paper hangers get up and walk for the door, opem it walk out back to the car. Angel stays and tells me, this was fun, would it be ok if I come back tonight. I thought about it and told her that sound great however, I do have a girlfriend who does not mind me being naked and other seeing me naked. But we both agreed that was the limit, no sex with anyone else. I tell Angel I love my girlfiend and said sorry but I enjoyed our time today. I tell her I was surprised when you grabbed my ****. She says well it was there or so I thought why not and grabbed it. She adds, I thought about stroking it but figured it was not the time. She gets up and say I will see you Tuesday. Is that Ok? I say yes. She heads for the door and gives me a hug. When she pulls back, she reaches down and grabs my **** again. Looks at me says bye. She lets go and leaves. I close the door and look out the window and watch as they get into the car and leave. I was thinking, what is going to happen on Tuesday?
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