Omg It Was Wonderful

I was out of the office to visit a job site. I noticed on my way there were several groups of girls like 16-19 walking on a pathway trail that runs parallel to the main highway. I was the reason as there was some sort of try out activity going on in a huge park at the end of the trail, there must have been 30 to 40 girls. I found a place to park so I had a good view. Wow it was a sight to behold the girls were in shorts and cheerleader type skirts, bending over stretching etc. Of course my **** sparng to attention, so there I was with my **** out rubbing it ever so slowly. I wanted to show it off to them all but nt a good Idea. I resisted and moved my car driving along the rod looking for somplace to possibly relieve the pressure in my balls,and maybe have the oportunity to show my **** to any young ladies. I noticed in one area there was an old barn that was fairly close to the trail I had seen some girls on earlier. I made my way off the main highway and after several wrong turns and dead ends, I finnaly found the barn. It was perfect looked like an abandoned property on a dead end street. So I parked and went off on foot. I fighred if somebody asked I would say i was looking at the property as a possible investment property.
I made my way tothe barn and it was wonderful in there the old sliding dors closed the front so after peeking around and seeint it was empty I went in and closed these door behind me. The back of the old place had a garage door size opening the had a clear view to and from the path. My **** was straing for release in my pants by now anticipating what could be. I made a choice that I was going to get completly naked, so if I was going to be able to be seen I was going to be completly seen. I got out of my clothes, and took up a position neer the doorway where I could actually see down both ways on the trail. My **** was so hard it hurt, as I slowly moved my hand over it, while I fondeled my balls. I was getting disapointed seeing only one 60ish woman power walking, and a couple guys on bikes. I was almost hoping the power walker would come back. I was desperate and any port in a storm, she would do if that was the best today. Then I saw them two girls coming from the direction of the park where they all were. One was a little taller and walking with her hand on the others shoulder. I Quickly checked in the other direction of the trail and didn't see anyone coming. As the got closer it sounded like the taller one was trying to make the other feel better, I could hear it's Ok you'll get better. I moved so I was clearly where I would be in their line of sight. When they were right in front of the barn I got so brave I called out and said here you go girls maybe this would make her feel better. The taller one who was georgeous with long strawberry blonde hair and a nice set of **** lookded to be 18-19 or so, Said holly ****, JESUS!!! The other girl just clasped her hand to her mouth, both were stairing at me and fixed on my ****. What the **** the older one said, I said I couldn't help it you two are so beautiful, don't you like seeing my ****, it sure is happy to see you! I thought they would run off at this point, but she said something to the other girl who shook her head then shrugged her shoulders. The Tall gir said as a matter of fact I do like it, I love to watch guys jerk off for me, but my sister here has never seen it.
As she spoke she cane closer and closer, sister right with her. I wasn't quite sure waht I should do as I just stood there letting go of my **** letting it bob there in all it's glory. They were now rihgt there only a few feet from me. Oh nice **** she said I love it, Oh don't stop now, show my sister how a guy ****, I know she's never see it before, I love to watch guys ***, She was wearing one of those short skirts and as she spoke she reached down and ran a finger down to her *****, going Mummm I like, whet do you think Jen, want to see him *** for us. The sister "Jen" with mouth half open just looked at her an nodded. Oh Mister, this is ******* hot please *** I want you to *** for us. I could see she was rubbing her **** through the panty fabric, and that was it I started to tremble and heard myself groan like Aggggghhhh ah ah ah, as long streams of *** shot from my ****, landing so far out it was almost at her feet. Oh God, I exclaimed Oh my god. I think she cmae too as I did the little sisters eyes wer like saucers. Oh Jen I hope you liked that as much as I did. Mister you made my day as much as we made yours too. Jen muster only saying oh, that's cool Then the tall one said to her make sure nobodys coming this way. As Jen turned to look the tall girl said I'm Cindy, thank you for that, any time you need someone to Jer off for let me know. You better get out of here before you get caught. then she turned and went to her sister. headding back towards the trail. Holly **** did that just happen Jen said, that was HOT!!! Sure was Cindy said. I was getting clothes on when a baseball suddeny flew into the barn fom the trail direction, Oh no I thought only half dressed, I figured boys playing ball headded ths was. But the I saw Cindy trotting away from me. I picked up the ball and saw the writing simply said lets do it again Cindy, and there was a number to call. Did I call ? Not for almost a month and she answered, I said Hi this is David, Who she said "Barn David" Oh Hi she squealed I didn't think you would call me. Took a bit to decide I replied you could really set me up if you want to. I wouldn't do that. I would love to see you again, all of you that is. I love to watch, and I love to be watched too, guys don't understand that I don't want to suck them off or get laid, all the time If I do it just happens, But I would LOVE TO WATCH YOU *** AGAIN! Just me and you, my sister had enough of lesson. We agreed to meet, and it was wonderful, sometimes I just watch her get off, sometimes She watches me, and as of now it's been 2 yrs. weve be seeing each other, whenever we get the urge. Yes we have hooled up on some of these "dates" in every way, but that's another story.
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Man that took balls to call at them for attention. Lucky for you it turned out great. I know the feeling when you see females walking along. It gets me going and I always start looking for a place to park. I also love jacking off in front of ladies.