Interior Decorator Part 3

Monday at work i was thinking about what I was going to do tomorrow morning. I knew I was going to be naked when they are there. But they already seen me, Angel twice. So I decided I was going to try to keep my **** hard the whole time they are there. I keep stroking it in front of them. I woke up early on Tuesday. I knew they be here around 9. It was 7:30 now. I ate breakfast, got on the computer and wrote part 2 to this story. It is now 8:45, I am naked and stroking now to get my **** the mood. 5 minutes later, a van pulls up. Hmm, I wasn't sure who it was. I saw Sue get out on the passenger side. She walked to the back of the van and open the doors. They were getting a ladder out, the wall paper, a bucket, proabably the glue and then some tools. Sue had the ladder and was coming up the walk to the my door. While they were getting their stuff, I got my hard and it looked great with my ball weights hanging below them. She rang the door bell and I open the doorl all the way and said come on in. Sue walked in and immediately was looking at my ****. I was a liitle surprised when she said, that looks good. She put the ladder down and went back out to the van. Patty was walking up and Sue stopped and was talking to Patty. Sue then started walking back to the van and Patty was walking up the walk way to the door and walked in. She also looked at my ****, look like she was going to say something but didn't. She carried the stuff she had back to the master bath. I heard Sue closed the van doors so I knew she was coming back. Whe she came back in, she closed the house door. I was stroking my **** and she saw that and laughed. I say is something funny. She said no, I don't why I laughed when I noticed you were doing that. Patty came back to the living room and grabbed the ladder and then both went back to the master bath. I followed them, I just stood there stroking and watching them get set up. I asked them if they needed any help. They said no, they have their routine and getting ready to start. I said OK. The door bell rings. I walked back to the living room and look thru the peep hole to maked sure it is Angel. And it was, so I open the door and she walks in. She looks while I am stroking and says looks like you are getting ready for some action. I said maybe, I just thought you seen me naked twice now so I decided to add a little spice. She said it was ok with me. I like watching guys doing that. She then walks back to the bathroom and to see what is happening. I follow and listen. Angle and I decided to go back to the living room and wait. We both sit down on the couch. She looks at me and says are you going to do that the whole time we are here. I say I don't know if I could but maybe. I ask why? She say no reason. I thought about that and say are you sure? Is their something else you are not telling me? She says well, then hesistates. I say go ahead. She says I remember what you said last night. I was not aware you had a girl friend until you mentioned it last night. I did not want to say anything, so I just waited until she continued. After what seemed like a long time, she says would it be OK if you jacked off while I watched? I say are you sure you want me to do that? She says yes. I say now are later? She thought and said what do you think. I said lets wait until they are done with the paper. She say ohhhh ok. I thought for a second and said, what if you jacked me off and instead. She says I can do that, I don't mind. I smile and say good. I was thinking about asking her for a *******. Maybe later when the other ladies are leaving. We started talking about interior decorating jobs she does. :Pretty interesting.During that time I stopped stroking. I don't why, just did. After awhile, we get up and walk back to the bathroom. I look in and see they have the wall paper up. It looks really nice. They are stilling doing something but not sure what it was. They said they will be done in another 5 minutes. I say great, it was only 10:15. You all did that pretty fast. Angel and I go back to the living room and sit again. I start playing with my **** again to get it hard. I look at her and said what are you thinking, She said oh , nothing. I said I was wondering something. And she said what. I said, Well I was just thinking maybe you could give me a ******* instead. She did not say anything but was looking at my ****. I said I guess that is a no. She looked up at me and said OK, but on one condition. I thought oh oh, I was wondering what it was. I starting thinking about kinky stuff, like she wants to kiss me when my *** is in her mouth. I finally said what! She hesitates and says well I know what you said but I was thinking maybe another day we could have sex. I really want to feel what it feels like with your ball weight banging against me.I be it feels really good. Thinking again, good, thats not bad. I said well OK I can do that. So I add, a ******* today and then sex another time. She says yes, is that ok with you. I said yea. We hear some noise coming from the bath room, I see the ladder poking thru the door and with patty carrying it. I get up and say can I help you. She says yes thanks. Can you take it to the van. I said no, I don't want to get in trouble. She started laughing and said I figured. I open the door for her and she walks thru with the ladder. I leave it open and walk down the hallway and and see Sue coming down with the other stuff. I get out of her way and she turns and goes thru the door. I keep going to the bathroom to take a look. I was very happy. It looks very very nice. Angel comes and looks and say I told you, they are good. You could not see and any seams anywhere. So we back to the living room and about the same time the 2 ladies walk back in and close the door. I look at them and said do I pay you and does Angel pay you. Angel says you can pay them, that will be ok. So I gave them a check. I added a little extra and they were thankful. I said I guess you two are heading to the other job. They said yes. They thank me and left. So I turned around to Angel and said they are do really good work. She said I told you so. I said I know. Then I look at her and said are you ready now. She says where do you want to do this. I said right here is fine. But before we start, I asked her do we need to get a towel? She looked at me and was thinking. Then I said when I ***. She says Oh, umm, no we won't need one. I look at her and say are you sure. She says yea. She adds, don't worry, it I don't want to swallow I can still go to the sink and spit it out. I say ok, So I lay down on the couch and she comes over and starts playing with my ****, She starts stroking it and get it hard. It felt great. Then boom, she takes my **** in her mouth and wow does it really good. She was no amateur. It only took a few minutes and I could feel it was getting close. She did too so she slowed down and then started playing with my balls. She looked at me and then started squuezing my balls. I did not do anything. She squeezed a little harder. I told her I love that, it makes me feel really good. She says that does not hurt you. I say hurt? no it feels good. So while squeezing my balls she started back on my **** with her mouth and her other hand. Squeezing my balls set me off. when she put her mouth back on my **** and slid it in her mouth, I shot my load, I know it was a big one too. She kept sucking it and then started squeezing my **** instead. I thought I was going to *** again. She knew when to stopped. She looked at me and smile and said I hope that good for you. I said yes it was awesome. I am not sure when I will recover. She smiled. I sat up to recover. I go into the kitchen to get some orange juice. I asked her if she cares for some. She yes thank you. We sat down again drinking the orange juice and I say when do you want to get together for the sex part. She told me she will call me. I say ok. She finishes the orange juice and hands me the glass and carry both glasse into the kitchen. She walks in with me, and says she needs to get going. I say ok, I will be expecting your phone call. She says don't worry, it will be in a couple of days. I say fine. I follow her to the door, she gives me another hug and again grabs my **** and looks at me, give it a couple days rest then we will have sex together. I say ok. She opens the door and says bye, i say bye back and close the door. I look thru the window and watch her leave. Then I started thinking what did I do. I let my **** brain do the thinking.
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Are you really wanting an answer to that last Question? Loved the story!