Naked In Front Of My Friends Mom!

A while ago a good friend of mine had a get together at her house. Her mom was there too. This woman and her mom know me quite well. We spent all day having fun and drinking lots of alcohol. I was to sleep over in the lounge...except I couldn't get to sleep. I felt naughty so I took all my clothes off and relaxed back naked. Later I needed a wee so I walked naked through the house to the bathroom passing the room my friends mom was in. She was still awake! On my way back I just walked into her room and greeted her...all while completely naked!!! She noticed but didn't react at all so I sat down next to her and we chatted! Then I just aked her straight out ''you're not cross with me for being like this?'' as I gestured at my nakedness...''no, why would I be?'' she responded!!!! Hahaha wow!!! Well I'm 30 and she's 50 so looking at my young naked body was obviously quite pleasent for her! We then carried on talking and we both forgot that I had no clothes on! It was so exciting! She then sent me to the kitchen to get us some wine! I returned and stood right in front of her to give her her glass giving her an extreme close up view of everything between my legs...she didn't look up instead saying thank you to my penis hahaha!!! I then squatted down in front of her with my legs open! We did not make eye contact again! Her eyes were riveted between my legs!!!!! Eventually after like 45 mins I said goodnight and went to bed!!!! That was the most unbelievable exhibitionist experience ever!!! That woman now knows in intimate what every inch of my body looks like from my head to my toes front and ack and of course my penis and balls and probably even how the little wrinkes and hairs on my balls look!!! I didn't have an erection so she was also obviously watching my penis wobble and undulate as I moved around!!! It was sooo much fun!!! I really wanna do something like this again soon!!!
Nakeddude249 Nakeddude249
26-30, M
May 19, 2012