Sunday Morning And Looking For Fun

I just got home now and decidied to write about what happened this morning. As you know I live in orlando and every sunday, if you take SR50 and head east towards the space center, you run into this so called flea market/ garage sells. Actually, it is a bunch of people who bring out stuff and sell it. It is on the side of the road and looks like about 100 or so people selling. I park car and look around and I only stop and talk when the sellers are ladies only which is about 1.2 of them. I first one was Latin and yes I already mention in one of my stories how Latin women are not receptive to exhibitionists. But damn I could not resist. She was alone and so i stopped and asked about a children's bike with training wheels. Let you remind you also, I always have on my black see thru shorts with my ball weights on which cause by balls to hang below the shorts for viewing. So the lady comes over. Now when I can, I point to something in front of me that is the same height as my balls so when they look at what I am pointing at, they can't miss seeing my balls hanging. So sure enough, I point to the child's bike and ask how much? She looks down at it and says 10 dollars. When I loolk up at her, she is still looking down at the bike but I know not the bike but my balls or she is looking thru my shorts to see my **** which is beginning to get arroused. So I ask her about the wheels and notice the bad condtion they are in. She says yes and that is why it is only 10 dollars. So I 'm thinking to myself should I leave or continue conversing with her. I decide to best to leave so I say OK thanks anyway. So I start to walk away and she says I have other stuff and some good DVD's. I said where are the DVD's, I did not see them. She says they are over there in the shade on the table. So I walk over there, look around so no one else is looking , and notice that the Latin lady is also came over to where I was. There was a chair there in the shade and she sat down. That got me very aroused. She was sitting right next to the table where the DVD's are. So I stand there looking at the DVD's and my shorts are the same height as the lady's face since she is sitting. I stand facing her while looking at the DVD's. I take a a quick glance and she is staring at my shorts. I take a quick glance down at them and notice the sun is perfect and my shirts are very see thru like you have nothing on. My **** is semi hard now and definitly causing up my shorts to raise a little more. She asks me have you found anything you like. I told her I am still looking. Then I ask her you don't mind me standing here looking thru your DVD's do you? She says no why should I? The DVD's are 3 dollars each. I say well I just finished jogging and I was heading back home and saw the setup here and stopped. But now I realize my shorts are a little short to be here. She said they are fine don't worry about them. i say are you sure, and she said yes. Lots of guys wear jogging shorts, no one cares. OK I said then added look are you want I don't care. She did not say anything. I found 2 DVD's I liked and handed them to her and told her I left my money in the car and have to go get it. She asked where is your car? Not far give me a few minutes. So I get back to my car and get the money and look back her way and I am glad she is not looking. She is till sitting down so I thought that was good so I head back with 6 dollars. I make sure no one else is at her area. I pull my shorts a little higher. I go back and hand her the money and she gives me the 2 DVD's. She is still siting. I ask her about these garage sells and if they come back here every week. She says yes saturday and sunday. I said I never knew and said I will come back again. I ask her if she comes every weekend? She said yes. I said OK. I will come again then. You don't mind if I wear my shorts again do you? She looked down at them and said no. I know she was getting a great view. i was only about 2 feet from her. I asked her, someone told me that my shorts are a little see thru, are they? She looked at them then she said get a little closer, she grabs the edge of my shorts and lifts it up and looks thru it, and says it is not so bad. While she was doing this, her fingers were resting agaisnt my ****. I said do you like the feel of the fabric? I do cause it is so smooth. While holding the shorts with her left hand, she begins rubbing the fabric with her right hand. My **** went hard in no time and was sticking out straight at her. I looked around and was glad no one noticed. She said I like the feel of the fabric then added, you better stay here until that goes back down. I said you are right and said sorry about that, i couldn't help it. She laughed a little and said just wait until it goes back down. It looks like it is starting to go down, what do you think? She looks at my **** and says not much yet, just wait. I say well you watch my **** and let me know when it is down enough and I will look around to make sure no one notices. She says ok. So I inched a little closer to her and look down to see she is still looking at my **** and also see my balls and ball weight are in view too. She is seeing it all and appears she enjoys it. Then she asks about my ball weights and I tell her. She says she never has seen anything like that. I tell her most people haven't. I ask her has my **** gone down enough yet. She says almost just wait a little longer. I think she is having more fun than I am. Anywhere else, I would of started stroking my **** but this was not the place. I stay there about another 5 minutes. She says it looks ok now, I can still see everything but it is fine now. I say OK, i guess I will see you next week, is that OKI. She says sure. I say bye and leave. I get to my car and quickly leave. I check the Latin lady again and she is not looking my way and still sitting. I guess she really did enjoy and and I will be back again.
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51-55, M
May 20, 2012