My 1st Couple Swap

I convinced my wife to do a wife swap. Had a blast she didn't. But I thought i was awesome. 1st one started like this. Found them on Craigslist. They were ok he was straight she was bi. She and my wife did nothing. We started by sitting down at there house talking having little bit to drink. Then after 20 mins of talking Other Wife (OW) starts sucking her husbands ****. So my wife (MW) does the same. Was great! Then we started playing beer pong. Real first experience with it. But 2 games all we played. Every time you made a cup someone on the other team had to take something off. So one game were fully naked. My wife and I and them on there team. Then we switch. The guys on one team and the girls on the other. I was wrong this is the only time when the girls did something. They played with each others huge ****, kissed, and licked a little *****. Me and the other guy were like whoa! After watching that we moved into the room. OW laid there while me and my wife suck and play with her **** and kiss her neck. Her man was eating her out. After that we switched My wife laid there and me and him kiss her and played with her 38DD's. OW wife was playing with my wife's *****. I stuck my **** in the OW and other husband did the same. I was going to town. Next thing you know he finishes to fast leaving my wife with disappointment. So i started to **** her and I had the OW sit on my face. All lasted about 2 hours and I had a great time. Would do it again even if it was not with my wife!
robocopp50 robocopp50
22-25, M
May 21, 2012