I Found A Female Exhibitionist

I went to walmart today. after I parked I started walking to the store. I noticed this nice looking lady. she was wearing some very short shorts. I could see her *** hanging out. I changed my course and began walking towards her. when I got to her I asked her if she needed help. she turned around and said I can't find my car. that was when I saw she had on a white see thru. blouse with no bra. she had some nice looking ****. so I asked her if she remembered what door she used when she went into walmart. she poiinted to which one. of course I loved looking at her ****. so while we were looking for her car I asked her if she was and exhibitionist. immediately she said yes. I said cool, I am a exhibitionist too. she stopped walking and said are you kidding me. I said not I like to wear these black see thru shorts. I also wear ball weights so my balls hang out. next thing I know we are walking to my car. when we get there she says I want too see your balls. I said ok but you get too see my balls and ****. she said of course. I get in my car and take my shoes off and then my paints. my **** got hard immediately. she reached in the car and grabbed my balls. she said damn that is heavy. I asked her where she lived. I said we are close to each other. so she gives me her number and says we have to get togetherand have some fun. I said yes we do so we decision wednesday to meet a.d. see what happens. I told her I will called her wednesday. . she reached down and grabbed my balls again and said make sure you have those on, I know many women who would love too see that. I said that sounds great. she says good I am now sure you are a exhibitionist. she said called me wednesday and then she left. I started thinking this is too good too be true. I can't wait to wednesday.
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1 Response May 21, 2012

hope you let us know how things go wed.