Shortcuts Through The Woods

I knew the woods a few miles from home because growing up the woods were always a shortcut to somewhere me and my friends were going. The hills were so steep and long that all the roads went through the valleys and on foot it was much shorter to go over a hill. The woods I liked were about three miles long and on the top and the backside of a long hill. Most of the front side had houses and the streets were steep but dead ended near the top. I'd walk up a steep street and into the woods where there was a pretty worn path going over the top of the hill and down the other side where it came out behind a small mall. Besides for deer paths, no paths went along the hilltop so I'd follow the path down until I could almost see the roof of the mall below me. There I'd undress and leave my clothes just off the path but close enough that they were possible to see. Then I'd walk down the path until I could see the back lot of the mall and turn around and walk back to the other end of the path where I came into the woods from. It took less than ten minutes but I was out of sight of my clothes except when I passed by where they were. I was there about a hlaf dozen times without anyone showing up but I could tell from the footprints and bike tire marks on the path that people used it. On one trip back towards the mall when I was prety far passed my clothes I thought I heard someone coming from up the hill where I had been walking away from. I looked around for a big tree to hide behind and I only saw one that was wide enough about twenty feet off the path. Where I was had hardly any small plants or bushes so I knew the tree was the only choice. I ran to it and peeked around it to watch the path up the hill from me. As I was watching I suddenly head a male voice say "Holy sh*t". I realized it had come from behind me and I turned to see two young guys standing less than thirty feet from me staring at me. I had hid on the wrong side of the tree. I was frozen in place as they stared at me. My mind was telling me to move to the other side of the tree but my feet wouldn't move. Finally I was able to move behind the tree and after I did I heard them snapping twigs as they ran down the path. I was so excited I had to catch my breath. I figured they'd run all the way back to where they came from and it was over. Then I heard them saying loudly that there was a "guy up there naked". To get to my clothes I'd have to walk back to the path and up the hill. I was almost right next to my clothes when I heard footsteps.... A lot of them. I looked down the path and there were eight young guys running up the path. I wasn't sure if they had seen me yet but I knew they would if I stayed where I was. I knew I didn't have time to reach my clothes and before I knew it I was running up the hill away from them. I turned to look and they were just reaching the big tree I had been behind less than a minute before. I couldn't believe they hadn't seen me running. I decided to just stop and lay flat on the ground to see if they found my clothes. They started looking around and looking behind trees that were too small to hide anyone. They started calling out "hey naked guy" and "where are you?" One of them walked so close to my clothes it seemed impossible that he didn't see them. They just kept walking around in the same area looking around and I was trapped as long as they stayed. If I even stood up they'd see me for sure and I knew if they decided to look just a little further up the hill they'd find me. I was trying to accept the fact that I was about to be captured by them... not just caught. I kept wondering what they'd ask me and what they'd do with me. I figured I was going to be beat up naked and I might end up having to walk a few miles home naked.... even without shoes. After what had to be a half an hour they gave up and went back down the hill. I thought for sure it was a trick to get me to come out so I stayed where I was until it started to get dark. Then I finally got the nerve to go and get my clothes. As I walked to where they were I started wishing I hadn't decided to move from behind the tree when I did. If I had stayed thirty more seconds I would've been seen by all eight of them instead of just two... And I'll always wonder just what they would've done once they had captured me.
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Dave I know the feeling. I had 4 H.S. age kids chasing me, I managed to grab a large stick to fight them off if they got to me. I found a path through some brambles and they did'nt follow me. I got the s**t scratched out of me but I did get away.

I bet your heart was pumping hard. That was a scarry story. Something like that happened to me once. I will post a story about that episode. You can look for it.