Massage Again

I rebooked another massage with this Thai masseur after a hard day at the gym pudding weights
I had no expectation but a good deep tissue massage.
Knocked on the door and first girl from the original massage greeted me and led me to the massage room
I proceeded to ***** down ad she stayed in the room, layer on the table face down nude with no draping as normal.
She commenced the massage and worked all the muscles giving an excellent deep massage.
As she started on my but she occasionally brushed my balls resulting in my **** becoming semi erect .
More long strong up hamstring to but , with each strock brushing my balls was not objected by myself.
Gradually she started to rub her hand on my anus giving me s rock hard **** at which stage I lifted my butt to hind she can continue massaging the area more.
She then moved her fingered and begins to massage my **** at which time I kneel up so she can get goods access to my now extemely rock hard ****.
She has no hesitation to start milking my **** With one hand while giving me a prostate massage with the other.

It was not long before I explored in her hand.

I turned around and she smiled at me while cleaned me up .

At this stage I mentioned why she did that and pointed to the sign mentioning that this is strictly a non sexual massage .
She just smiled relying I am the first she has done this to.
I showered dressed and gave her a tip for a wondefull massage
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2 Responses May 23, 2012

wonderful good on you for going back

If I got your story right, when did your turn over or did you? Either way that was a great massage. It is even better when they jack you off at the end. I utilize many massage places. I keep a list of which ones never cover you and which ones jack you off.