Out And Looking For Fun.

This story happened a couple years ago but I remembered reading someone else's story about naked in the woods. I was in the black section of town looking for ladies to see me. I had on my ball weights and see thru shorts. I parked my car. The car I had at this time was very temperamental. Sometimes it would not start. I mean not even crank, just do nothing. yes my battery was good. I got out of my car and adjusted my shorts so my balls were hanging out. I walked over near a conventient store I was planning to go in.Sometimes they have female employees and I have fun with them. As I was approaching the store, 6 high school black girls came out the door. They were pretty young 15 or 16. I froze where I was. 2 girls immediately saw my balls hangout out and quickly told the others. They were all looking and started walking towards me. They quickly noticed my shorts were see thru and were staring at my **** and ball weight. I turned around and decided to go to my car and get out of there. They were following me right on my heels. I got to my car and opend the door and they walked around the door so I could not close it. I looked at them and said what is wrong and what do you want? One said your balls are hanging out of you shorts and also your shorts are see thru and we can see everything else. I said oh ****, I am sorry I just finished jogging and was heading into the store to get a bottle of water. I hope you are not planning to call the police. I am very sorry. They all started laughing and the same girl said we would never call the police, we don't like them. I said thank you. I looked around the parking lot to make sure no one was looking and also making sure no cops anywhere near by. I said well I hope you enjoyed what your saw. The same girl said yes but we like for you to take your shorts off so we can see better. I said better what? She said the metal thing you have on. What is that and we like to see it. So I was thinking why not. So I take my shorts off. The walk a little closer and look down. My **** starts gettting hard. They asked what is that for. I tell them it is a ball weight and it makes your balls hang lower. Oh that is why your balls were hanging out of your shorts. So you like that. I said yes.At this time I was stroking my **** to get it hard. So she says doesn't that hurt. I say no I have been wearing it for over 10 years. No pain at all. So I ask is their anything else you want to see? They got together and were whispering. Then 2 of the girls left and 4 remained. The one came over to me and squatted down. Her face was about 12 inches from my ****. I was not too sure what was going to happened. So she talks in a low voice and says the 4 of us would like to watch to beat off. Will you do that. I said ok but I like for you to grab my **** and stroke it a few times and then the others do it too. She got up and started talking to the others. She came back to me and squatted again and said they do not want to that. They just want to watch. I said what about you. She did not answered, she just grabbed my **** and squeezed it and then stroked it for 15 seconds or so then she let go. Good thing she stopped I was close to *******. If the other 3 were going to do that I would of never made it. I said ok, the other 3 get closer. I looked around again and noticed some people were looking our way. I said Oh ****, sorry ladies, other people are looking at us. I am going to leave. I try to start car and it won't start. Damn. I asked the girls to back up and I close my door. I put back on my shorts and ask them to quietly leave. They say ok and they leave. I try my car again and it still does not start. I look up to make sure no else is walking my way. I grab my jeans and put them on over my shorts. 3 guys start walking over to my car. i get my jeans on and they come over to my door and ask me if there is a problem. I tell them my car won't start and those girls were telling me of a mechanic they know that can help me. They are going to find him now. It sounded like a good story to me. They say ok and leave. I try my car again and still no luck. I keep trying and now an hour has passed. No one is paying attention to me so I take my jeans off and leave my shorts on. About another 30 minutes I see 2 ladies walking my way. So I pop the hood, get out of the car and raise it. I lean over the engine looking. When I do this, my balls and ball weight fall out in plain view. I make sure I am point the right direction so they can see as they get closer. They come up to the car and ask what is your problem. I know they saw my balls. So I stand up and tell them my car won't start. One says oh that is too bad we were hoping you could give us a ride to our home. I told them I would if my car started. But when I give people rides in my car, I do not wear my shorts. Will that be a problem. They say no it is up to you, we don't care. So I hope and I try my car again and dame it starts right up. I jump out and close the hood. I say how far do you live. They said not far just down the road. I say lets go then. They walk around, one gets in the front and the other in the back. I also walk around to my door. I look around and see no one is looking. So while I am standing at my door, I take off my shorts. I stroked my **** a little to get some life in it. I get into the car and start heading where they pointed. The one up front is just staring at my ****. She finally says what is that metal thing. I tell her. The one in the back leans forward and can't see. The one of front says turn right here, I do and she says stop. She opens the door and gets out and tells the other lady to get in the front and i will get in the back. I start stroking my **** again and it starts to get hard. The other one gets in the front. My **** is finally hard. She now looks at my **** and ball weight. She leans over and grabs my balls and lifts it up and says that weights a lot. I tell her 4 lbs. She lets go and then grabs my **** and starts stroking it, The one in back leans forward so she can see. I could feel I was going to *** pretty quick. I tell the lady in the back in case she wants to see. She is still leaning forward. I finally ***, the lady keeps stroking and more *** keeps comming out. They one in the back says that looks good. I said it is. I took some *** from the ladies hand and put it in my mouth. The lady up front made sure all the *** was in her hand. She asks me you want more. I say bring me your hand and lap all the *** from it. Those 2 ladies flipped out. I ask what's wrong. She tells me they never seen a man eat *** before. I say really. They say yelp. The one in front says something to the one in back and she says good idea. I ask them what are they talking about? How about this Friday night, could you come to my house. I say what do you have in mind. She says she wants to invite 5 of her friends to come over and watch you do that again. What part again? She says eating your own ***. I say who is going to stroke my ****? She says oh I don't know, someone will when you get there I say ok, so I ask which way to we go now to get to your house. She says to turn back around and get back on that road. We finally get to their house, it is getting dark. I ask who lives here with you. She says just the two of them. I say ok. I pull into their drive way. I take my shorts and shirt off and get out of the car. They get out and then noiticed I am naked. I walk over to them and they say get back into your car, we don't want anyone seeing you. I say ok, what time Friday do you want. She says 8 pm. I see you then and walk back around to my car and get in. I did not turn my car off. They wave bye and I leave.
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Everything in this story is true and I wrote it exactly as I remembered. It did happen a few years ago. However, some things that happens in your life you never forget. I do know though, I was scared shitless when it happened especially my damn car not starting when you need it to.

if only this load of bollocks were true