Nude On The Train

Hey, I have been an exhibitionist for quite some time. Since my mid-teen years. I love exhibitionism. And I have greatly enjoyed reading all your stories. On a more personal level with all you good people. It has really helped me a lot to see I'm not the only one. To find people just like you who understand.
Well, moving on from the intro, I am a male, I am a young adult an up until this experience I'm about to share, I never really did full fledged exhibitionism. I would go outside at night naked or bottomless or sometimes clothed and undress once outside, usually around 12-3 in the morning. It was very exhilarating, but very dangerous. I would just sorta walk around. My main fear was getting caught. Since it was night I could only see cars from a distance, and their lights made it impossible to identify a police car. My biggest fear was being seen by a neighbor, or a cop, I never really intentionally went in the middle of the street with cars passing by. Just sorta wait for the cars to reach the stop sign of my block, and see if it was safe. I would then maybe step out and walk in their direction as they continued driving on. Some would never see me, and some would notice me.

Recently, I take the train to school. The subway. My stop when coming back from school is only 3 stops from the final stop in which the train turns around. So for a while I thought about going to the final stop. On the final stop, the conductor tells all the passengers to get off the train since it is the end of the line. The train then continues on a short "U" track where the same train that just arrived is ready to leave. Since it is the very first stop, there normally aren't a lot of riders. So what I did for a while is go to the last cart and get on. I would then get naked only if I was alone in the back cart. Since the train ride from stop 1 to stop 2 is only about less than 2 minutes, I would get on the cart, make sure I'm alone, when the doors close take off my pants and underwear and then my shirt, and get up and walk about the cart for 10 seconds or so before I rushed to put my clothes back on as the train reached the next stop. I tried this a couple times, nothing too special.

However, one time I was really urging to have a nude train ride, so I passed my stop and got off on the last stop. As I went toward the back of the other side; where the last cart would end up, I noticed a woman approaching. I was super excited to get naked since it was only me, but my spirits were crashed when I saw the lady coming to get on the last cart as well. I was so disappointed! The last 4 carts were empty, and she chose to go on the very last cart, same as me! It had happened to me before where I was ready to get on the last cart and another person ended up there or 2 other people. Until then, It was only "I get naked alone or I don't get naked at all". This time though, I was pretty horny and pretty determined! So I told myself, "To hell with it! I'm getting naked god dammit!" The lady was on her phone while all this was going on in my head. She was an averagely tall black lady. She was probably in her mid 20's fairly attractive, nice body, good ***. It looked like she was going to work based on what she was wearing. My heart pounded and I decided to not get nude, and then to get nude in my mind several times as the train pulled in and the doors opened.

Finally in the train, I sat in the mid section and pulled my backpack off placing it next to me. The lady went and sat 2 seats in front of me, her back towards me. I started off with taking my pants off. Without getting up, I reached and removed my pants and underwear. The pressure was enormous and the doors had not closed yet. I had a little bit of a struggle detaching my pants since I didn't take my shoes off, but finally they were off. It felt so good to feel the train seat with my bare skin and let the air flow around my ****. The thought of me being bottomless with the lady so close by made my heart thump. I was going to remove my shirt, when I paused, and thought it'd be best to keep it on until the doors closed. Suddenly, I noticed another lady approaching the cart, just as it was almost ready to leave. She was a average height, middle aged black lady. probably in her 40's she was skinny and a fairly good body. I panicked, and cursed and thought "**** my life!!" I had already fully removed everything from my bottom and there was no time to put them back on. I quickly grabbed my pants and covered the majority of my legs with it. I had a long shirt so I leaned in forward a little and pulled my backpack close, pretending I was searching for something. The lady stepped in, and passed me unsuspectingly. She sat at the very end of the cart. From where she sat, she could not see me, unless I got up. The doors began to close and I froze with fear. I was completely bottomless, and was scared to put my pants back on since the lady behind me would probably see me. This was not a part of the plan. I must say, the train ride is roughly 2 minutes, but this felt so much longer.

Now that I look back, I don't know how I had so much time to do all this and still walk around for a good 30 seconds. I remained frozen as we finished pulling out of the station. The tracks are elevated and turn onto a freeway, so really no pedestrians around. But I remember spending a couple seconds frozen. Thinking "what am I going to do??!!" I then stopped and thought about quitting, but I then was overcome by determination and was filled with spirit and a sort of "yolo" type of thing. "It's now or never!!!!" I declared to myself. I pulled off my shirt in a quick instant and stood by for one more second and then stood up. I did not turn around to see the ladies reaction, but from where I stood she could see my bare back, and probably a little bit of ***. I held my head high and noticed the lady sitting in front of me who was reading her book. I walked towards her direction now my back side in full view of the lady in the back. I walked up to the front side door past the first lady reading her book and stood by the door looking at the subway adds standing where I knew both women could see me. I finally looked back and saw the lady reading her book did not care. ( I would love to get naked around people like her. Not doing anything about it is great for me. my worst fear would be they try to take pictures, or beat me up or call the police). I saw the lady in the back and our eyes met. she was initially talking on the phone, but was so shocked to see me. The look on her face was priceless! she looked so surprised. Her eyes were wide. She looked like she wasn't really cool with it, but she could not hide her surprise as she looked at me. Her gaze turned momentarily down towards my hip area but she did not look too long to avoid making it obvious. I stood in a side ways direction so they could see my left side and I looked down and thought about how I was actually standing there, wearing only my converse in front of these women. The excitement and thrill of standing there fully nude in front of them got my **** so hard. I walked towards the direction of the lady in the back and stood by the back side door. The look she gave of surprise was so incredible. I stood at that door for a couple seconds, utter feeling of ecstasy. I finally made my way to the middle of the cart. I stood there side ways. Only then did I realize that the whole time I had been standing in a side view, I had had a fully erect, better said, bulging **** with precum and everything for the lady in the back to see. It's no wonder she was so surprised. I could only imagine what she was thinking; on an ordinary trip on the train, a random guy gets naked and walks around the cart with a full blast hard on standing at an angle where his **** can be seen stretching outward fully erect. It's funny now when I think about it, but I unknowingly was extremely sexual in this little nude walk.

In the midst of that excitement and glory, I was brought back to earth as the train almost reached the next stop. I quickly raced to my clothes and started putting my pants on, but could not get them on because of my shoes. I was panicking. I was happy with being naked in front of these ladies, but I was completely unprepared for anyone else! In a last effort I quickly removed my shoes and put my pants back on, followed by my shirt. The lady that saw everything, still surprised got off on this stop and went to the next cart. I smiled to myself and thought about getting nude one more time, but 3 more people entered, so I figured I had had enough fun for today and put my shoes back on. I thought about the lady sitting in front of me reading her book. She had seen my **** and my body completely naked and still sat there. I wondered what she thought.

On the 4th stop, which is my stop, there was a buzzer. This buzzer is used when there's a problem on the train, mechanical issues, a complaint, or a handicapped person needs to get on the train. I was slightly worried. So I grabbed my backpack and exited the cart. I went out through the side front door. Past the lady that sat there reading her book, just in case she saw me, so she could see me now fully clothed. I walked out at a moderately fast pace. I turned around and saw the lady that had gone to another cart look out, like she was searching, and met my gaze. Now I was scared. She saw me but I walked out of the platform as fast as I could and did not stop till I reached my car. With my heart still pounding, I drove home with a satisfied ****, and a smile on my face.

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That sounded like you had lots of fun. I bet your mouth was dried. For some reason when I am out showing my stuff my mouth goes dry. It was a ballsy thing to do. Not too sure if I had the balls to do it though.

It was very fun, you should try it sometime. I'm not sure if my mouth was dry, I'll remember next time I do it.

Well done, good story!

Thanks a bunch!