My Female Exhibitionist And Me

She called me on the phone Wednesday morning at 9:30. She gave me directions where to meet her. I quickly put my ball weights on and also my shorts. I got in my car and drove to the place where to meet her. She was there waiting. Man was I happy, not sure if she would meet me. I pulled to side of the road and she got in. We had some small talk then I asked her what does he like to show, She said everything. I said me too. Then I asked her how does she go about showing off. She said the see thru blouse you saw me in. I also like to wear short skirts with nothing on underneath. I told her I loved that and can't wait to see you in it. She said next time we go out. I said OK. She then asked do you have a plan for today. I looked at her. She had on tight jeans and a tee shirt. You can tell she does not have on a bra. I say I guess you noticed I have on my shorts. She said yes I can see your balls hanging out. When I sit in the car, I always have my balls out. She noticed that when she got in. Would you mind if I take my shorts off now and leave them off until we get to our destination. She said go for it. So I remove my shorts. She looked at me **** and balls and said I see you ball weights now. She reached over and grabbed my balls and lifted them. To this day, I don't know why ladies like to grab my balls and lift them up. I know I like it.
Well then as usual she made the same comment, wow that is heavy. I bet that hurts. I said no. I then started stroking my ****. I wanted to have a hard on. She saw that and made no comment. She asked where are we going? I told her I know this great thrift shop where we can have some serious fun. She asked what I had in mind. I told her, we will shop for some jeans for you. You will take one pair with you into the changing room. You then can remove all your clothes. You will open the door and hand me the jeans and tell me they are too large. I will tap on the door as a signal when it will be a good time to open the door. I just thought of something so I asked her. Who do you like to show to, men or women or both? She said men. Well so you know, I like to show only to women. She said good. I said anyway, i will make sure men are around so they could see you. If they stay there, I will return quickly with another pair for you. I will knock on the door then you know it is a good time to open it. When you do, I will pull the door a little more open to hand you the jeans. you can do what you want. You could close the door, or leave it open and look at the jeans and tell me you don't like them and give them back. There are a lot of different things we can do. She told me that sounds good, do you tlhink it will work. I said yes, I know men and I know they will love to look at you. You have a nice body, nict **** and you are nice looking. Any guy will want to look at you. Then she asked, what about you. I said well it will be more tricky. I don't think the open door routine will work for me. Some women might get angry and go tell someone. I don't know. So I said, I might have an idea that might work. You could be looking for a pair of jean for me. You could find a lady, preferably black, they are more likely say yes to you. i tell her my idea.

When we get there she tells me she wants me to go first. I say ok. Just do what we talked about. She said don't worry, I will find the ladies for you. I go into a changing room and take my clothes off. I stroke my **** to get it hard. I am a little jumpy but waiting. Mel meanwhile, is out looking. She finds the first one. She tells them that I am punishing my husband. Would you do me a favor, would you take these jeans over to the changing room he is in. By the time you get there he will probably have no clothes on. Just knock on the door and don't say anything. He will open the door thinking it will be me, Be sure to block the entrance so no one else can see. You then can hand him the jeans thru the opening. You can stay there as long as you want and look all you want. When you are done, close the door and leave. I know this cause she told me later when we got back to the car. So I am standing in the changing room, still strokng my **** and I hear a knock. I get scared, not sure, and then open the door. There was this lady. not black. with a pair of jeans in her hand. I say who are you? She tells me the story Mel told her. I laugh and say that is so typical of my wife, She has done this before I hope it does not bother you? She said no, I am having fun doing this. Then she says what is that metal thing on your balls? I tell her but she does NOT grab my balls. She just keeps looking and says why do you wear that? I tell her so my balls hang lower. She asked why? I said I don't know, I am not going to tell her the rreal reason. I am thinking to myself, this is going better than I ever imagine. This lady here is talking to me while I am naked. No quick exit. I know Mel is somewhere watching too. So she finally hands me the jeans. I look at them. I don't want to put them on yet. I hold them up and say they are too short, don't you agree. She says yes. Let me take them back and get a longer pair. I'm sure your wife will help. I hand her the jeans, she says I will be right back and closes the door. I locked it. A few minutes later, another knock on the door. I open it and again it is the same lady. My **** i still hard. She hands me the jeans and says try these. I ask her why don't you come into here and close the door, I don't want anyone else to see me. She does it and she also locks the door. If you want you can sit down. She says thank you and sits down. Perfect, it puts my hard **** right in front of her face. I look down and she is staring right at it. I inch a little closer so I am about 6 inches from her. I asked her, did she pick these out or did my wife. She says your wife. I said ok. While she is looking at my eyes, I step closer to about 3 inches. I guess I should try these on. She says go ahead. I look down and say I hope i am not too close to you. She looks and says you need room to try on the jeans. I know. So I try not to back up from her and start to slip on the jeans. I let my **** stick out while I am fastening them. I look down and see my **** sticking out, she is looking at that too. I say I guess I can't go out to show Mel my jeans like this. She says no you better not. Well I have to wait until my **** goes down. Did not take long, so I unfasten the jeans and slide my **** in and then refasten the jeans again. I unlock the door and open it. Mel is standing right there. She looks at the jeans and says they look good. How do they feel. I say maybe a little tight but not bad. The lady sitting down, gets up and starts to leave. I say thanks for helpinig me. She turned around and said your welcome. She whispers something to Mel then she was gone. I asked Mel what did she say. Mel says, thanks for giving me the chance to see your husband naked. I started laughing. Mel comes into the room and closes the door. I take the jeans off and put mine back on. I then tell her, that went really fine. She said it did. How did you get her to come into the room. I told her, it would be better if she was inside so she could close the door so no one else would see me. Mel thought that was cute. I tell her it is your time now. Do you want me to do the same thing for you or the other idea we talked about. She liked the way we just did it. Not to sure having too many guys watching. Well i said, do not let him come into the room. She said right good idea.

The next story will be what happened to her. it was really good.
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Great story, that was a really creative way of getting things done, I may have to try that one, but I'll have to find a woman to do it with me first. I tried that before but she was only interested in getting it on, she didn't care about any flashing...I need to try again.<br />
<br />
Looking forward to the next story.