One In Bed, One At The Door.....

       I met him at his apartment & we kissed at first. I rubbed his **** with my hand while he began kissing down my neck. I was getting all excited and then I heard someone at the door. We stopped and waiting for his roommate to come inside. He came in & got  some food & then went to his room. I grabbed "mike" by the hand & went into his room. We laid on the bed for a short amount of time. He put his mouth on my chest & kissed my breasts through my shirt. He let his hands wander inside my shirt & tease my nipples. Every time he brushed over my nipples I took a deep breath and arched my back. I wanted him to rip-off my clothes & suck my nipples hard.
       I put my hand on the back of his head & pulled him closer to me & grabbed his hand & slowly led it to slide under my shirt & pulled it up until he took over & moved-up until my hard nipples were poking through my bra. He pinched my nipples through my bra and I moaned out loud. He pulled down my bra and released my ****. I sat up a bit and he un-hooked my bra. I lifted up my shirt a bit & he moved until his mouth took my hard nipple in & sucked & nibbled on it. I was REALLY turned-on !
       I felt his **** had gotten VERY HARD and was pressing on my leg. I moved my leg to allow him to lay on top of me, his hard **** pressed against my swollen **** & his mouth giving my nipples a great sucking ! I was getting so wet I shut my eyes & pushed my hips up off the bed to press against his erection. With both of us still wearing our pants, yet both of us getting wet.. I sat up & pushed him back a bit until he was sitting-up on the bed. I crawled on top of him, straddling his body and began to grind my ***** on his growing bulge in his pants. I was so hot, but enjoying the 'playful', but VERY HOT foreplay !
         I pulled my shirt over my head and let my breasts free to bounce in his face as I rocked back & forth on him. He gave my **** a great amount of play & I was getting anxious to get our clothes off and feel him penetrate me. My moaning & obvious arousal had him pulling me closer to him and keeping him hands exploring inside my pants....Grabbing my *** and telling me how much he loves my body & has wanted to be with me for sooooo long. I stood-up & began to slowly remove my pants. I kept watching his reaction to ensure he was following my moves. When I got my pants down to the floor, I caught my reflection in the mirror on his wall. At first I moved my eyes away and started to unbutton his jeans. Something caught my attention: his friend (roommate) was standing in the slightly open doorway & had on a robe that was open in the front. His sizable **** was erect & sticking out of his robe.
       I kept undressing "mike" until his hard-on was out & ready for me to slide down on top of him. I felt his fingers dipping into my wet slit and fingering me deeply and rubbing my "red-hot- button' until I could not concentrate on anything else. I moved to take his (large) ****  into my awaiting mouth. I was excited to finally get some of his ample pre-*** into my mouth & I dove down to give him a nice, deep visit into my wet mouth. He had his eyes closed as I licked & sucked on his **** & balls. He was clean shaved & it was so appetizing to eat, lick & kiss everything I could get my mouth on !
        After a few trips down to suck on him, I sat-up & looked directly at his friend who was still standing in the doorway. His hand was stroking his **** while he quietly watched us. Our eyes  locked, but it did not deter him, it only got him MORE excited. I could tell that he KNEW I was the only one who could see him & I kept quiet about seeing him. I was getting VERY turned-on that he had INTENTIONALLY began watching us/me.
          I asked "Mike" if he would like to lick my wet *****. He said he did & I laid back on the bed with my legs spread & used my fingers to open-up my wet hole to invite him to put his head between my legs & make me scream out loud in pleasure ! He moved in and fingered my hole(s) while his tongue began to lick & suck my hot, love holes and sent me into an INCREDIBLE series of *******.I held the back of his head with my fingers in his hair and locked eyes with his roommate. He had been stroking his **** at a rapid rate for awhile now & if I knew it woulde i have not "Killed the moment", I would have invited him to join us.Since I did not know what their friendship was like, I kept quiet & enjoyed being (secretly) watched. I had not ever done something like this before, but I kept myself focused on the intense ******* I was enjoying. I gently held his head while he gave me multiple waves of mind-blowing *******. I watched his friend as it appeared he was becoming more rigid & likely approaching ******. I kept our eyes locked and grabbed my left breast & got my nipple into my mouth & began sucking it. His **** began pumping a thick stream of *** out in large spurts. Most of his load seemed to be landing on the outside of the door. When he finished, he winked at me and put his fingers to his lips and mouthed "Shhhhhh !". I grinned and switched my focus back to "mike". His work on me was incredible & I was now completely relaxed and ready to feel his stiff **** inside me !
          He moved up to give me a kiss with my juices on his lips. I gave him a passionate kiss & I began to move scoot down the bed until his **** rested on the opening of my *****.. With a single movement, he thrust into me and literally took my breath away and sent me into another ****** that made me *** so hard I thought I would pass-out. I moved  only slightly for the next 10 minutes while this young stud ****** me like crazy. I was in heaven ! His stamina was EXACTLY what I had been wanting & he did not disappoint ! 
         In the end, he pulled his **** out of me & shot a nice, creamy load of hot *** all over my big ****, neck and mouth. I licked him clean & we laid in bed awhile just breathless. I couldn't't wait to get home to tell my 'cuckold friend', jonny9 about my experience & how I had gotten 2 guys to *** & he could only hear about the story, but not enjoy my body himself. I would kiss him and let him taste a little bit of the steamy fun I had that afternoon. I slipped out of my panties I put them in his lap & went to take a nap.

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incredibly story would love to watch you someday

Wow!! What an experience! I love how you allowed him to secretly watch you. I would love to have been standing at the door