Truckers Delight...

It was my first date with a guy I had met at a bar the week before.  I know how excited guys get when they see a girl in sexy underwear, so I wore a white sun dress, lace white panties, white garter belt and white silk stockings.  We partied late into the night and as usual, I drank I bit more than I should.  His car was a convertible and had a long front bench seat. It was a warm summer night and as we drove home, I put my head on his lap. We were driving out in the country on a long dark road.  Soon he reached over and started to stroke my silk stockings.  I could feel myself becoming aroused.  I spread my legs to show him I was receptive and he pulled my dress up enough to expose that I was wearing a garter belt. As soon as he did that, I could feel his **** begin to get hard. By now I was beginning to lubricate as I was thinking of his hard **** next to my head. His fingers ran up my thigh and started to slowly massage the crotch of my panties. His finger would slowly move over over my panties and every time he would go over a small bump in the road his finger would press into my panties....It was driving me crazy with desire! The more he toyed with me,  the more crazed I became... My ***** had become swollen with desire and I couldn't hold back any more....I arched my back and had a fantastic ******!! But that made me want his **** even more!!  I unzipped his pants and uncovered his huge **** and started to suck on it. When I turned over to suck on his **** he lifted my dress over my *** and shoved his finger into my *****.....I came immediately!!.....And so did he!!!

Soon we were entering the city and on the freeway.  I put my head on his lap and fell asleep. The next thing I heard was the horn of an eighteen wheeler... He was blowing his horn as a sign of approval.  As I slept my date had pulled my dress up, to expose my garter belt and panties and was driving down the freeway giving all the truckers a thrill!!... I pretended to keep sleeping and was glad to to give the guys something to break the monotony of their drive.....I only wish I could have heard the CB chatter as we drove down the road... I'm sure we all had sweet dreams that night.

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3 Responses May 31, 2008

Great story. My wife likes to be innocent about it. She will take off her pants due to the discomfort from the waistband and read her book while I drive along the interstate. She's not showing off, but others can see her. Your story was good to read. Thanks.

wow that was hot I would love to run into you showing off your wife!

im jealous!!!!