Exhibitionism In Vermont

I used to live in Vermont where laws on nudity are very lax. There are nude swimming holes around the state and at least two beaches on Lake Champlain where skinnydipping is common. My most exciting exhibitionist experience occurred at a swimming hole on the Brewster River. its a beautiful location with a series of falls. I once climbed to the top and saw a couple having sex on a rock. I was nude myself and obviously excited. They talked to me while they continued with their activity. That's not the story though

A girlfriend knew how excited I had been about the whole incident. She and I were climbing up through the falls - both naked. She decided we would have sex right there in one of the pools. Our friends at the bottom could not see us but twol other people did. They watched from the edge of the falls.

I am new to this forum and do not know how explicit I can be.
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I use.to.spend.a lot of time in Vermont ... white river & the NE kingdom .....such a beautiful state of mind they have there ...

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Good story by the way, I look forward to a fuller version!

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