Just watch me- let me feel how hard you want me in your gaze across my legs, breasts and hips. Make me wet with your want- I'll do what you makes me crazy. Nothing heats my panties like a pair of eyes undressing me- except maybe driving around with my **** pushed up and my shirt hiked high enough to draw attention of any roving eyes in the vicinity. Lick your lips or flick your tongue- I like to feel naughty, wreckless, and wrong.
AthenaAdAbsurdum AthenaAdAbsurdum
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You sound like you're fun to be around

Please put on some sun tan lotion, as I am sure you are going to get sun burnt. The heat from my burning gaze on your hot body is engulfing you in it's lapping flames.


My kinda girl for sure. Like I always say, "Bad's bad, but naughty is just good clean fun!" Let's add each other, chat/get acquainted, that'd be great. And I'll let you see me too.

exciting !

Bring it on, girlfriend, I'm your guy. I wonder where you're located, whether or not we might be close to each other. Add each other? I'd love to chat/get acquainted. I always say "Bad's bad, but naughty is just good clean fun!"

AAA, I love your attitude, my kinda girl. I'd love to make you wet, heat your panties up, feast my eyes all over you. Try my story, "Her Very Own SouvenirSwimsuitOfTheDay." Bet you'll like it. Add each other? thanks.

I like the way you talk add me and we will see!!

Well done. Nicely said and poetically put. Looking forward to more

Ah, my kinda girl. Whenever I am out in public, my eyes just can't help searching for you. Add me please, let's connect? I like to be watched also. Thanks! FullMoonManiac

can we chat? c2c?

Hot Damn girl, need any help? Please?


do u cam?or watch cams?

mmmmm delicious darling! hope I see you on the road or at the grocery!!

WOW>>> I need to breadth now.

You'll see it in my eyes first as they furtively peek at your sexy body trying not to let you see how turned on I am.But if your eyes travel downwards the bulge in my jeans will gvie me away ! <br />
Once I know you know then its a straight out leer fest as i drink in your breasts,legs ,hips and whatever else I'm lucky enough to see.<br />
Knowing that your panties are getting wet and that you may go off and play with yourself is the added bonus !

You're feeling a bit timid this night,..a little cautious,..your cropped top is JUST long enough to cover your nipples,..your breasts exposed underneath yet not illegal or obscene. However, your top is thin and the wind picks up. Your nipples erect as the top begins to lift. Strangely you'd like to cover, pull the fabric down just for an instant,...yet you can't as your thumb is cuffed to your belt loop. Your other hand is in mine as we walk. You're being slowly uncovered,..aroused, you breathe heavier as you sense the thin fabric pull again,..your nipples uncovered, your breasts bounce and sway for the few there to look upon you, ..and they do

One weekend with you. A walk in the park perhaps,....a casual dinner..The desires obvious, you want to be revealed,..I'd love to reveal you. Slowly, a little at a time..buttons come at a time as we enjoy the day. You wonder if I'll ever get your blouse open, can't wait....(neither can I).

I have absolutely done the driving thing - skirt hiked up - at times at a light you may even catch me with a finger in there. Usually when I am doing this I will have my **** pushed up and almost out if not all the way out. I drive an SUV so in order for others to see me they;d have to be in a similar or larger vehicle. I have had so many appreciative viewers, especially at lights that it gives me the desire to do it even more.

i wanna materbate while we chat..

wrong...??? who said it's wrong???

That is so hot; I love girls like you! Your self confidence and sensuality are deliciously sinful!! Or sinfully delicious, TAKE YOUR PICK!

Woohoo! <br />
Thank You for being YOU!

Wow, no one writes hotter stories than you!

That's Hot-and not in a Paris way. Desire is an amazing experience...

What a delightfully wanton lil wench,<br />
Yummy..Tasty imagery..Feeds the hunger. Ya are a piece of work an <br />
A feast for the mind and I suspect for the eye as well.

a very pretty picture.<br />
<br />